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FAQs - West Cumbernauld Area Reconfiguration Proposal Consultation

Statutory Consultation Proposal – West Area of Cumbernauld

FAQs - West Cumbernauld Area Reconfiguration Proposal Consultation

These FAQs were developed based on common themes emerging from enquiries and will be updated as the consultation progresses. A PDF version of these FAQs is also available.


Why is the proposal to move the majority of pupils from Baird Memorial PS to Condorrat PS and not the other way?

The Proposal document does not provide adequate data on the future pupil rolls, the assessments of buildings, the financial implications or if the proposal is a saving.  What is the data to support the statement that the reconfiguration will provide capacity and flexibility for the future?

There is only a difference in 50 for the school capacity, why all this upheaval for 50 spaces?

The school capacity of the Condorrat Primary School is 342 and the school capacity for Baird Memorial Primary is 291. Condorrat Primary Schools building has the capacity for the proposed joint number of children and any future expansion in school roll.

This proposal only benefits GME pupils and the educational benefits listed should already be in both schools.

The educational benefits highlight further improvements and strengthened practice. The proposal for Early Years will benefit all children in both schools.

Can you show that this decision has not already been made and that this consultation is not a tick box exercise?

In terms of the Schools (Consultation) (Scotland) Act 2010, the Education Authority is required to publish details of, and consult on any proposal to establish a new school; make changes to the provision of Gaelic medium education; close a school or nursery; and on any proposal to establish, terminate or otherwise alter the catchment area of a school.

The timeline and the consultation document detail all aspects of the statutory process that must be completed by North Lanarkshire. Education Scotland has been informed and will be involved.

What were the other feasible alternative options considered?

The education estate is continually reviewed. There is always the option to keep the provision as is.

Can parents visit the schools to see the facilities in each of the schools?

A video is being made of both schools and this will be available at the public consultations and within the schools for parents to see the facilities.

Who is creating the film? What will it showcase?

The film is being created by Education and this will show the facilities and learning environments in both schools, as visits to the establishments could not be accommodated as part of the consultation.

Will they be made available on the council website, for stakeholders who are not able to attend the public information sessions?

They will be uploaded to the council website after the public information sessions. These will also be available in both schools.

Can the stakeholder survey be updated to include other types of consultees?

Stakeholders not specifically listed can use the ‘other’ option to register their views.

There is a discrepancy in the minimum days in the proposal paper.

The proposal paper has been checked in terms of all dates and planning. This will be reviewed throughout the process to ensure all statutory requirements are met.

Why should Baird Memorial PS move to an older campus with lesser quality facilities, increased parking issues, vastly inferior outdoor learning area and loss of their identity as a school community?

The educational benefits have detailed the aims of the consultation to add benefit to both schools through the proposal.

Is the statutory requirement to provide a GME only school due to change soon?

The Gaelic Language (Scotland) Act 2005 was passed by the Scottish Parliament in 2005 to give Gaelic greater protection and prominence as an official language of Scotland. The Act established Bòrd na Gàidhlig, which advises Ministers on matters relating to Gaelic language, culture and education. As part of the Act, certain public bodies are also required to develop plans that outline how they will use the Gaelic language.

The Education (Scotland) Act 2016 contains provisions on Gaelic Education. The act places a duty on education authorities to promote and support Gaelic Medium Education (GME) and Gaelic Learner Education (GLE) Bòrd na Gàidhlig has produced Statutory Guidance on Gaelic Education.  This document provides information about the assessment process for Gaelic Medium Primary Education. Additionally, the Guidance provides an overview of the current educational context for Gaelic language in Scotland. The Guidance can be found on Bòrd na Gàidhlig's website.

North Lanarkshire, has, as has every authority, a requirement to provide Gaelic Learning and Gaelic medium education. This does not require to be as a stand-alone establishment.

Only 1.7% of the population speak Gaelic, where is the long-term plan for this? Surely, we could enhance all our Childrens education by teaching Gaelic rather than keeping it to a very exclusive group? Surely there’s more long-term benefit by enhancing the number of people who can speak it? I believe you are creating segregation to these children and their families.

Gaelic Medium Education is delivered in Condorrat PS Nursery 3-5 provision, and this move will allow pupils to continue their Gaelic Medium Education through Primary and Secondary school.  The initial aim, as advised by Education Scotland, is to focus on learning Gaelic until pupils are fluent to use it in all areas of learning.  The whole curriculum is taught in the Gaelic language. Gaelic language Education is delivered wider across North Lanarkshire as part of the 1+2 strategy.

Is this a short-term solution in gaining a hub by transferring Condorrat GME to Baird and not actually become a hub for 3-18 as stated in the report or the language plan published in June 2021?  The campus in its current state is only suited to nursery & primary children, not teenage to 18 years. Therefore, are there plans in place to refurbish/extend Baird with these reasons in mind?  Are there reports or plans for this?

Timescales and plans will be developed if the proposal is approved, and it the service is not pre-empting this decision as it is important that the consultation process focuses on the proposal to relocate the Condorrat GME PS pupils to the current Baird Memorial Primary School and the reconfiguration of the West Cumbernauld Area early learning and childcare and primary school education.    

Will Baird PS only be a temporary home to the hub for a few years until a purpose-built hub is agreed and constructed to suit learners 3-18 causing major disruption to over 400 pupils and staff for very short-term gain, with possible closure of Baird thereafter?

The proposal is to develop a GME primary and early learning and childcare provision within the Baird Memorial PS and Nursery current site. Wider 3-18 development would need to be in line with Town Hub planning and budgets.  

Is this the best forum for my concerns to be addressed?

Emails received are responded to by senior officers within the council through the Frequently Asked Questions document.  This allows stakeholders to see all queries and responses.  Further information can be obtained by attending the public information sessions at Baird Memorial PS on Monday 27 November from 6.00pm to 8.00pm and at Condorrat PS on Thursday 30 November from 6.00pm to 8.00pm. Registration to attend is currently open.

A petition has received over 1732 signatures disagreeing with the closure of Baird Memorial PS and ASN Nursery, will this be taken into consideration?

The petition will be collated as part of the responses to the consultation.  All feedback will be taken into account when making the final recommendation.

The proposal states that one of the options discounted was the ‘status-quo’ of leaving the facilities as is however in the FAQs it states that there is the option of leaving the provision as it currently stands, what is correct?

The proposal document is highlighting that the status-quo was not selected as a proposal to be consulted on. However, it is important for stakeholders to know that if during and/or after the consultation there is overwhelming opposition to the proposal, the service would listen to stakeholders and re-evaluate their position, including all options. 

Is anyone independently involved, to read the comments/questions and supervise the conclusion reporting?

Education Scotland attend information sessions and will be provided with all correspondence in relation to the consultation.  In addition, they independently visit the school and meet with Head Teachers, staff and parent council chairs.  They provide a report on their findings that is included as part of the Final Outcome Report.  This is published prior to being presented to the Education, Children & Families Committee.


As far as I understand the Council prepares the report - is the Council who makes the decision? Is there an outside agency involved at any stage of the decision making?

As part of the consultation and detailed in the proposal, Education Scotland has a separate consultation into the proposal . They will also write a report to North Lanarkshire on its findings. Following the publication of the total report in March, there will be an opportunity for further feedback.

This is a statutory consultation and as such it will be followed through to reporting and reports from Education Scotland.

After attending the first information meeting with the local councillors, an officer confirmed they had presided on eight successful proposals in regards to school closures. Of the eight proposal closures they had been part of, can you confirm how many of the schools closed to one set of pupils and was then subsequently reopened to a new set of pupils in the same area?

The officer confirmed that they had been involved in leading eight previous consultations with overwhelming support and all establishments moved into High Quality Facilities with increased capacity.


There should have been more communication with the school communities before moving to statutory measures.

There could not be communication until approval was given at Committee to consult. That led into the statutory processes.

Why were parents not contacted direct, and not via social media, to let them know about the consultation and why were Condorrat PS parents notified before Baird Memorial PS parents?

Communications went to all parents from both the schools. This was done as closely in time as possible. No one establishment was notified prior to another.

Could you please confirm the methods being used to engage with all potential stakeholders?  There are people not aware of this proposal.

All stakeholders (and more) listed within the statutory guidance (see point 5.3 "Relevant consultees" of Schedule 2 of the Schools (Consultation) (Scotland) Act 2010: guidance) have been notified of the proposal. 

Schedule 2 to the 2010 Act identifies a core set of relevant consultees who should be consulted in connection with every type of proposal. These are:

  • The Parent Council
  • Parents of pupils attending an affected school
  • The pupils themselves
  • Parents of pupils likely to attend an affected school
  • Staff at an affected school
  • Any trade union which appears to the education authority to be representative of those staff
  • Any other users whom the authority considers relevant.

The Schedule also specifies other relevant consultees in relation to specific categories of proposal - for instance the Community Council is included where the impact is likely to affect the wider community. Additionally, paragraph 11 to the Schedule specifies that Bòrd na Gàidhlig is to be consulted when a proposal affects the provision of Gaelic medium education ( GME) such as where a GME class is to be established or discontinued or a GME school’s catchment is to be changed. Paragraph 12 to the Schedule makes clear that where a change is being proposed which affects a denominational school, the relevant church or denominational body must be consulted.


Has a Children's Rights and Wellbeing Impact Assessment (CRWIA) been carried out and the impact on their educational attainment with this disruption (considering they also had the Covid-19 disruption)?

All impact assessments have been completed as part of the statutory consultation process. These are on the website for the consultation.

How will the registrations for new P1 pupils, and the potential for increased placing requests, be managed for Baird Memorial PS and Condorrat PS?

Registration and placing requests will be managed by the schools and Contracts and Provision team through current processes.  

The timescale between the decision to go ahead with the proposal and the first day of term is 3 months, and includes the summer holidays, this is not enough time for transitions, buying uniforms, etc.  The timeline goes against Scottish Government guidance.

The timescale for the implementation of the proposal is subject to potential extension to accommodate any ministerial call in. This is detailed in sections 11.3 and 11.4 for the Statutory Consultation Proposal.

Will the uniform be rebranded into Baird PS colours to allow the detrimentally impacted children to keep continuity?

Condorrat Primary School will keep its identity and the Baird Memorial PS pupils will become part of that community. It is not within the current timeframe however, it may be at a future date the Head Teacher, in consultation with parents/carers, staff and pupils will propose a uniform redesign.

Will free uniforms be provided as this is not parent or child choice?

Parents/carers who are experiencing hardship in providing uniforms for their children can contact the Revenue & Benefit section within the council at

If a Placing Request is submitted, will there be enough time?

All placing requests will be managed within the current legal timescales. The timeline in the proposal is indicative, which is reviewed throughout the phasing of the consultation.

Does the transition period allow for placing requests?

Yes it does allow for placing requests. This is a separate part of legislation and needs to be planned for by education.

What would happen if all the pupils currently at Baird PS put a placing request to attend the Gaelic school to be housed there?

The council has procedures in place for processing Placing Requests and each application would be dealt with its own merits. Gaelic medium education is not treated as a placing request. This is a parental choice to learn both languages. Children attending GME would therefore be expected to learn Gaelic Education.

Why, at the recent VSE were children asked their thoughts on their learning, targets and learning journeys, and something as important in their education such as a move in campus and amalgamation with another school, were the children not consulted for their views?

Validated self-evaluation visits (VSE) are an integral part of the service’s improvement process.  They provide an additional layer of support and challenge to facilitate continuous improvement. A statutory consultation sits outwith this. All pupils will be consulted as part of the statutory consultation. 

There are newsletters from the pupil parliament at Greenfaulds being sent out referring to Article 12, where every child has the right to say what they think should happen and have their views listened to.  Is this not the case for the 4 stakeholders affected by this proposal?

This is the consultation with all stakeholders, including children, on the proposals.    Education Staff, not linked to the statutory consultation will work with the staff in each of the affected schools to gain the views of pupils. Pupil views will be captured in line with how both schools currently consult with children in school.

Will school rebranding be added to the proposal to show some sensitivity for the changes forced on to the children?

Should the proposal be recommended and approved, the service would work with both schools to ensure children’s needs are respected and voices heard on their school identity. The consultation is only at the proposal stage and no decision has yet been made.


What will happen to the children within the ASN provision at Baird Memorial PS?

ASN children would be allocated to settings closer to home, in one of the ASN Family Learning Centres established across the council. Each of these setting has additional capacity.

Section 2 of the Children's Rights and Wellbeing Impact Statement reads "Within early learning and childcare the provision in Condorrat will be changed through the proposal to term time..." This statement suggests that Condorrat Nursery will move to a term time model should the proposal go ahead. Can you confirm this statement to be true and if not, why is it included within document?

As stated in the wellbeing assessment and the consultation document the nursery hours would give greater choice and flexibility to families by moving to a 9am-3pm term time model.

Is Baird ASN nursery being phased out and where will current/new intake children attend as many are not just ASN children, they are children with many complex life limiting needs?

The current nursery children will remain at Baird ASN Nursery until they transition to their P1 placement. In the future, nursery children with ASN will be placed at their local Family Learning Centre that can meet their needs.

What reviews are taking place to ensure that there is increased capacity at other locations if Baird ASN Provision is being phased out?

The Early Learning and Childcare team have confirmed that there is adequate capacity within the Family Learning Centre estate to accommodate the children who would previously have been placed at Baird Memorial PS Nursery.

As stated in the proposal the current ASN children at Baird Memorial PS would still be there until 2025. Would the GME nursery move with the GME school to Baird Memorial in August 2024? Will there be enough room for them to continue their Gaelic immersion learning?

The transition of the existing ASN nursery to Family Learning Centres included in the proposal can be accommodated with the  introduction of a Gaelic Nursery Class.


Can you provide specific examples of benefits and wider range of educational opportunities that pupils at Baird do not already enjoy?

The planned educational benefits to both establishments have been detailed in the Statutory Consultation Proposal. These are detailed in section 3 of the paper.

What is educational benefit of moving Baird children from a grade A building to a grade C with major defects?

There is greater scope to enhance the facilities to provide learning experiences within the Condorrat PS building as this has the greater capacity to meet roll expansion.    

How is having more children in a smaller playground a benefit?

Condorrat Primary has capacity for 342 children. This is factored into their outdoor spaces as well as learning environments.

School children have ‘Rights to Play’.  How will this be improved for the Baird Memorial PS children where there is no football pitch, green spaces or meadow land at Condorrat PS?

All schools promote and respect children’s right to play within their learning environments. This is planned within outdoor learning and the broad curriculum.

What are the after-school learning opportunities you refer to? Can I have detail please?

Enhancement of after school clubs and activities will be planned by the Headteacher, with the support of the service. Planning would include the whole staff team and partners such as active schools to provide a wide and varied offer.

Surely our children would be provided the opportunity to achieve across all curricular areas and develop skills regardless of the educational setting? It is their right to an education. How is that a benefit when they are entitled to this anyway? How is this going to be enhanced?

The educational benefit is that planning and consistency in learning would be enhanced through working as a joint team. Robust tracking and monitoring of learning across the one staff team would further develop progression and planning for learning. Staff would be empowered to collaborate and share practice.

What educational benefits are there for the English-speaking children of Condorrat and Baird?

More clarity is required on the educational benefits for all pupils.  Can this be provided?

The proposed educational benefits have been listed within the statutory consultation. All stakeholders would be included in the further development of these should the proposal proceed.

How can Condorrat be described as high-quality facilities?

The outdoor space the children have in Baird is fantastic, how does moving to Condorrat enhance access to high quality planned outdoor learning experiences?

Condorrat PS & Nursery delivers high quality learning experiences within its current building and the educational benefits set out how this could be enhanced through the proposal.

If additional revenue costs are not anticipated, are there no refurbishment costs in either campus and will the children move to a rundown building with no investment to the asset?

Improved high-quality facilities for learning will be designated in such a way as to allow a range of teaching styles and approaches, including active learning, interdisciplinary learning, and outdoor learning. 


For equality and accessibility a Gaelic version of the proposal document should have been uploaded.

The North Lanarkshire Website has accessibility tools to translate pages. Gaelic is one of these languages.

Is this proposal to address the issues of Condorrat Primary School being a dual streamed school?  If so, why should it impact on Baird Memorial Primary School?

What is the basis for a stand-alone GME school?

The proposal is for full reconfiguration of the learning and teaching in the West area of Cumbernauld. This proposes changes to all sectors of early years, primary and GME. The focus is not on one particular aspect.

Can the cost of transporting pupils to GME schools not be put towards the cost of a new build hub?

Costings for these are from separate budgets and cannot be used for a different purpose.

If GME pupils are separated, is this not against the principles of inclusion?

No this would not be against inclusion as these children and young people would be immersed and included in Gaelic learning. There are many standalone Gaelic schools in Scotland.


What will happen to the after-school care provision and holiday cover?

Planning for all uses of the current buildings will be part of the Statutory Consultation. This will be included in the final report.

Will TJ’s Out of School Care be allowed to continue to operate out of Baird PS Nursery? Is that what you refer to when you say current use of facilities will not change?

If TJ’s Out of School Care are no longer able to offer after care, will POMP after care, currently in Condorrat primary but at full capacity, be allowed to increase their capacity to help support our children and parents needing support to work? Or will St Helens after-care be encouraged to support us?

You are correct; this is what we refer to when we stated that the current use of facilities will not change.  We have included TJ’s Out of School Care and POMP provision in the consultation communications.

Have local residents been consulted?

All stakeholders within the local learning community have been advised of the proposal, this includes local councillors, community councils, MSPs and MPs, as well as any other community or parish representatives.

How will these changes strengthen community use of the facilities, as stated in the proposal?

Strengthened leadership across the establishments as stated in the educational outcomes, would enable robust planning of the community facilities. 


Condorrat Primary School is 50 years old, where does it sit in terms of the council’s ‘The Place The Vision’ plan?  Are non-denominational pupils being put in a school that will be closed and what are the future plans for these pupils?

Updates in relation to the Town and Community Hub Programme, to deliver the ambitions within The Plan for North Lanarkshire, as part of “the Place the Vision” are provided to Policy and Strategy Committee.  In the committee update of September 2021, the council listed the schools that were classed as the highest priority, based on the prioritisation matrix agreed to assess project prioritisation for the hub programme. You can view this update via the council’s committee system.

The schools identified as ‘highest priority’ are outlined within page 37 of this document. The council is prioritising projects which appear on this list. As Condorrat Primary School is not on this list, it is not a project that is being prioritised at this time, though “the Place the Vision” plan.

Can you confirm that Condorrat PS has asbestos within the fabric of the building?

Yes asbestos containing materials are contained within the building. All North Lanarkshire buildings which contain asbestos have registers and records which are maintained.

What is the roof of Condorrat Primary made of?  There are concerns as to the structure and state of repair.

The roof at is corrugated asbestos cement, containing chrysotile (white) asbestos.

The recent building condition survey shows it as in ‘Poor condition, Major Defects’, for every internal and external category including the playground condition, how can you justify your statement in the proposal that Baird PS would gain “High quality facilities”?

This is a true reflection of the conditions survey undertaken in 2023.  All concerns made through the consultation will be taken into account in the reporting process and in the final recommendation which goes to Education and Families Committee in May 2024. These points will be taken into account.

Condorrat Car Park received a C grade failing inspection space, condition and safety. How can you justify the proposal being good for Baird PS?

This is a true reflection of the conditions survey undertaken in 2023. North Lanarkshire Council have an ongoing maintenance and inspection programme for all schools and premisses which ensures that all defects and safety concerns are addressed as quickly as possible.

Will there be plans to enhance Condorrat and if so, will this cause further disruption?

Any potential refurbishments would be conducted through consultation with the Head Teacher and staff to ensure minimum disruption to pupils.  Where possible works are conducted outside of school hours.         

Condorrat PS & Nursery is a built-up area which is already congested. Has this been taken into consideration?

The lack room to manoeuvre for Baird to drop of the GME, buses won’t drive down Avonhead Road due to lack of space, has this been considered?

An updated assessment of pupil walking routes in line with existing road safety criteria will be undertaken. It is council policy to support Active Travel.

Why would the carbon footprint be reduced in newer more energy efficient campuses when there will be no additional revenue costs anticipated?

Reduction of the carbon footprint is continuously looked at across the whole estate and the more efficient use of spaces and resources to support learning e.g. digital learning, sourcing of materials, etc. The council remains committed to Active Travel and the reduction of emissions.


What is the agenda for the meeting?

There will be officers on site who will be available to listen and respond to stakeholder comments and enquiries. All comments will be noted as part of the wider consultation.

What is the capacity?

Baird Memorial PS hall can accommodate 200 people and Condorrat PS hall can accommodate 340 people. 

Has there been consideration that there is not much that can be covered in 30 minutes?

As the sessions are one to one, and we hope that many of the questions have been answered through the FAQs, that there will be adequate time for stakeholders to be heard.

Is this a presentation to sit and listen to?

No, there will be information displayed on boards and there will be senior council officers in attendance to listen and respond to stakeholder comments and enquiries. 

What do you hope to gain from these sessions?

We hope to hear stakeholders’ views on the proposal.  We will listen and ensure that we have a record of stakeholders’ comments. 

What can the children expect in their consultation?

The children will be asked similar questions to those in the consultation and their responses will be recorded and be part of the consultation report.

When will it take place?

This will take place in the same week as the wider consultation events

Who will be involved?

Children from both schools will be included in the consultation

How will this be facilitated?

This will be facilitated in their school environment with teaching trained staff who are not part of the consultation process.

How will you ensure you are engaging with children whose primary method of communication might not be words?

Staff leading the consultation groups will be teaching staff who can support all children to have a voice in the process.

When will parents and community be notified of the outcome of the stakeholder survey?

What percentage of stakeholders voted to oppose and on what grounds?

Will this survey be taken into account regarding the outcome of the consultation?

Once the consultation period closes on 18 December 2023, all comments and feedback will be sent to Education Scotland to inform their report.  Once we receive this report from Education Scotland, the service will produce a Final Outcome Report that provides the details and outcome of the consultation, this will include the survey.

For people who do not have their own email address, will a response to the survey still be accepted without an email address?

It is optional to complete the email address. Stakeholders can also write in to:

Education, Children & Families Service
West Area of Cumbernauld Reconfiguration Consultation
Windmillhill Street

Alternatively, views will be gathered at the public information sessions at Baird Memorial PS on Monday 27 November between 6pm and 8pm and at Condorrat PS on Thursday 30 November between 6pm and 8pm. Registration to attend is currently open.

When will the meeting with the parent council will be scheduled?  I understand there should be a meeting with the parent council specifically.

This will be offered to both parent councils prior to the closure of the consultation on 18th December

How many people from NL will be in attendance to answer questions and hear attendees views?

There will be a range of officers on site who will be available to listen and respond to stakeholder comments and enquiries. All comments will be noted as part of the wider consultation.

How will the layout of each school be displayed for all to see?

There will be a video of each school which will be played for people to see. This will also be made available in both schools following the event.

Is this an open forum or one on one with a relevant person with full knowledge of the proposal?

The public consultation events will be on a one to one basis with officers from Education, Children and Families.


Will any current leaders be retained?

Staffing would be determined in line with the revised F20 Management Circular - Agreed Procedures for the Management structure for Primary, Secondary, ASN and  Multi-Establishment Schools, Implementation of School Closures/Amalgamations/Relocations: Staffing Policy for Teaching Staff and Workforce Change Policy.

Will there be any new appointments made into senior roles?

Staffing would be determined in line with the revised F20 Management Circular - Agreed Procedures for the Management structure for Primary, Secondary, ASN and  Multi-Establishment Schools, Implementation of School Closures/Amalgamations/Relocations : Staffing Policy for Teaching Staff and Workforce Change Policy.

If there are new appointments, would these continue to be advertised internally or externally only and on a temporary or permanent basis?

This would be dependent on the needs of the establishment(s) and the authority at the time of implementation.

When would the recruitment process begin, if new appointments are required?

If the proposal is approved our workforce staffing plans would work towards implementation of full staffing FTE entitlement effective from the opening date of the new establishments.

Will the parent councils be able to be involved in the recruitment process, if this is anticipated? 

If applicable, the agreed Recruitment Panel for Teaching posts will be implemented, see below for panels that include Parent Councils Members:

  • Head Teacher (Primary & Secondary)
  • Councillor 
  • E&F Manager /Head of Service 
  • Teacher of Equivalent Rank (Head Teacher) 
  • 3 Members of the Parent Council 


  • Depute Head Teacher (Primary & Secondary) 
  • Head Teacher 
  • E&F Manager  
  • Teacher of Equivalent Rank (Depute Head Teacher) 
  • 2 Members of the Parent Council 

For clarity, what would the leadership structure be for the English-speaking school (names not required, just roles)?

Structures of the school leadership team would be determined in line with the revised F20 Management Circular - Agreed Procedures for the Management structure for Primary, Secondary, ASN and  Multi-Establishment Schools

For clarity, what would the leadership structure be for the GME School (names not required, just roles)?

Structures of the school leadership team would be determined in line with the revised F20 Management Circular - Agreed Procedures for the Management structure for Primary, Secondary, ASN and  Multi-Establishment Schools

Would the answers to the above be influenced by the location/size/type of nursery?

Potentially, this will be dependent on the outcome of the statutory consultation.


The school roof at Condorrat Primary has been confirmed as corrugated asbestos cement. How do the council propose to deal with this in the future?

The service monitors all establishments and Condorrat Primary is part of scheduled assessment and maintenance.

Have you had a professional assess the damage to the asbestos roof of Condorrat Primary? Can you confirm there is no risk from asbestos entering the school or playground through rainwater passing through the roof?

The service can confirm that assessments across all establishments are conducted on a planned schedule and Condorrat Primary is part of this programme.

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