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Official council roles

Committee Conveners and Vice Conveners

Committee Conveners and Vice Conveners
Committee Convener Vice Convener
Adult Care and Social Work Committee Martin McCulloch Margaret Boyd
Appointments Sub-Committee Jim Logue Louise Roarty
Audit and Scrutiny Panel Sandy Watson Henry Dunbar
Communities Committee Kenny Stevenson Pat Patton
Education, Children and Families Committee Angela Campbell Michael McBride
Employee Appeals Sub Committee Jim Reddin Barry McCulloch
Enterprise and Fair Work Committee Alex McVey Frank McKay
Environment and Climate Change Committee Helen Loughran James McPhilemy
Finance and Resources Committee Tom Fisher Andrew Duffy-Lawson
Housing Committee Michael McPake Jim Reddin
Joint Negotiating Committee (JNC) for Teaching Staff Trade Union Representative - Rotational Angela Campbell
Joint Consultative Committee (JCC) Margaret Boyd Trade Union Representative - Rotational
Licensing Committee Sophia Coyle Michael Coyle
Petitions Sub-Committee Jim Reddin Pat Patton
Planning Committee Nicky Shevlin Gordon Currie
Planning Hearings Nicky Shevlin Gordon Currie
Local Review Body Kevin Docherty Andrew Bustard
Policy and Strategy Committee Jim Logue Louise Roarty
Regulatory Committee John McLaren Anne McCrory
Wellbeing and Tackling Poverty Committee Geraldine Woods Chris Costello

As well as carrying out their roles as individual members of the council, committee conveners have added responsibility for the services overseen by the committee that they chair.  

From this position of convener comes the following additional duties to their role as members of the council:

  • Conveners act as a link between the members of the council and council officers to ensure that decisions are made to meet the aims and priorities of the council.
  • Conveners act as spokespersons for the council for the service overseen by the committee they chair.
  • Conveners exercise leadership to ensure that decisions are made in line with corporate council policies and individual service policies.
  • Conveners have a role in advising council officers in formal consultations on delegated powers or in taking other decisions at times when it is not possible to refer the matter for formal decision making by the council.
  • When chairing committees, conveners ensure full and fair debate proportionate for the matter being considered.
  • Conveners give leadership to the committee in terms of the council's standing orders, and if necessary moving a motion for determination by the committee.
  • Conveners liaise closely with senior officers responsible for the services which relate to the committee they chair to ensure an effective working relationship and to support an inclusive working environment.
  • Conveners represent the council to develop effective working relationships with partner organisations whose work can contribute or affect the service delivery for the committee they chair.
  • Conveners monitor, review and comment to officers on the performances of the services for the committee they chair.
  • As senior members and office bearers of the council, the responsibility to maintain the highest standards of conduct applies particularly to all conveners.   


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23 Jun 2023

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