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Housing annual performance report 2021/2022

Customer Landlord Relationship 2021/2022

Communication and Participation

Our latest tenant’s survey took place in 2021, when restrictions were still in place due to the pandemic.  Rather than using a face-to-face questionnaire, the survey was carried out over the phone involving a representative sample of our tenants. Although we were apprehensive of the results, due to the wider impact of the pandemic, the response from our tenants has continued to be very positive, especially in areas such as being kept informed and opportunities for participation.


The percentage of tenants satisfied with the overall service decreased from 91% to 81% in our latest survey. This was expected as a variety of our housing services were suspended due to the impact of the pandemic and the restrictions that were placed upon us. These factors were outwith our control however resulted in a 10% drop in satisfaction levels. In relation to the other two indicators, keeping informed and opportunities to participate, we have improved in both these areas and excelled in comparison with the LA average.  

In relation to complaints, our performance compares very favourably to the Scottish Local Authority average and falls within the required SPSO target of 5 working days for stage 1 complaints and 20 for stage 2 complaints. Complaints give us valuable information that we use to improve customer satisfaction and your feedback helps us put things right and helps us learn from mistakes.  As a result, we have seen the number of complaints made by our tenants and other customers reducing year on year.

A new comments, compliments and complaints recording system was introduced in April 2021 providing the opportunity for service users to directly report and record complaints online.  

Indicator Description 2019/20 2020/21 2021/22 Local Authority Average NLC Performance Direction
Percentage of tenants satisfied with the overall service provided by their landlord 91.00% 91.00% 81.19% 82.20% Not improved
Percentage of tenants who feel their landlord is good at keeping them informed about their services and decisions 92.50% 92.50% 92.57% 84.90% Improved
Percentage of tenants satisfied with the opportunities given to them to participate in their landlord’s decision-making processes 92.50% 92.50% 96.78% 79.30% Improved
Percentage of complaints responded to in full (stage 1 and stage 2) 99.71% 96.02% 94.50% 92.95% Not Improved
Average time in working days for a full response at Stage 1 4.65 4.46 4.12 8.3 Improved
Average time in working days for a full response at Stage 2 16.04 18.38 16.74 45.30 Improved

Tenant Participation Team Update

Whilst our usual forms of tenant engagement and consultations has been restricted due to the impact of Covid-19, the Tenant Participation Team was available to offer advice and guidance to new and existing groups, as well as individuals interested in getting involved.

Support included but was not limited to:

  • dealing with enquiries for anyone thinking about setting up a tenants and residents association
  • helping re-establish group meetings
  • plan AGMs
  • providing training for tenant’s associations

We continued to meet with the North Lanarkshire Federation (NLF) online to ensure their business plan and the Tenant Participation Strategy Action Plan were being progressed. We also supported them to develop a new Business Plan that considered the impact of Covid and plans for recovery and secured new premises to help support a hybrid-style approach to meetings and learning. During this time a variety of virtual ‘Food for Thought’ and consultation sessions were delivered online with plans for in-person events being introduced as restrictions lift.

During the pandemic, we recognised that some of our previously engaged tenants and residents had been unable to get involved due to being digitally excluded. This prompted us to look at solutions to support them to get involved once again. We secured external funding to purchase devices and data plans to help those get back online.  Members of the Tenant Participation Team completed the Digital Champion training and have continued to offer training and support for anyone who needs it. There are further plans to develop in-person digital drop-in sessions in the future.   

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27 Oct 2022

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