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Report a housing or emergency repair

We carry out various types of repairs to our tenants' properties. The timescale depends on the type of repair.

  • Emergency works (danger to life, security or property) - three hours to attend and remove danger.

  • Right to Repair (a Government scheme for Scottish secure tenants and short Scottish secure tenants to have small urgent repairs carried out by their landlord within a given timescale).

  • Urgent works (covers all non-emergency urgent routine type works) - three working days to complete repair.

  • Routine works (covers all non emergency repair works) - 20 working days to complete repair.

  • Repairs to empty/void houses (to bring the property up to a set standard) - 3 or 10 days working days depending on the condition of the property.

For any other housing repairs, you can:

  • Complete an online form below.

We will write to you after you have reported the issue, providing details of the work required, who will carry it out and the timescales.

We make every attempt to arrange appointments with tenants for routine work.

On this letter, you will also see that you can now complete a customer satisfaction form.

Emergency repairs

A repair is an emergency if there is danger to life, limb or property.

Examples of emergency repairs include:

  • burst pipes or water leaks causing flooding
  • dangerous electrical faults
  • doors not locking
  • smashed windows
  • no cold water supply
  • no electrical supply
  • blocked toilet

How to report an emergency repair

Can the 24-hour customer contact centre on 0800 678 1166

Gas leaks and emergencies - advice if you smell gas or think you may have a gas leak

If you smell gas or think you may have a gas leak, Scotia Gas Network provides the following advice:

  • Don't smoke or strike matches.
  • Don't turn electrical switches on or off.
  • Do put out naked flames.
  • Do open doors and windows.
  • Do keep people away from the area affected.
  • Do turn off the meter at the control valve.

For more information, call the 24-hour gas emergency service on 0800 111 999, or visit the Scotia Gas Network website.

Page last updated:
28 Jun 2024

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