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Gritting update

Sunday 19 January 2020 12:00

Gritting lorry


Bright or sunny spells this afternoon along with further areas of high cloud, causing the sunshine to be hazy at times. Light to moderate south-westerly winds.

Tonight will be dry and chilly with clear spells but cloud will tend to increase later. Not as cold as last night in most places with a light to moderate south-westerly wind.

Tomorrow is expected to be a cloudier day but it should remain dry. The wind will be a brisk west to south-westerly, likely making it feel quite chilly.


Forecast minimum road surface temperature -0.4 degrees.


1. Treat Primary Roads from 1600 Hours

To view our primary and secondary gritting routes, please use our gritting routes and grit bin location finder.

Gritting and roads policy

Every day during winter we study the weather forecasts to decide if we need to treat any of our roads with salt.

Weather and road conditions can vary significantly across North Lanarkshire so we may need to treat roads in one area but not another.

We cannot treat all roads at the same time so, with our partner Amey, we prioritise and treat according to our pdf icon Winter Service Policy and Procedures [2Mb]

Top priority is given to:

  • All 'A' and 'B' roads, main distributor roads and main roads in the vicinity of schools
  • Major bus routes

These routes serve our main communities and allow the majority of road users to travel across the council area and link with trunk roads and motorways.

  • We also prioritise access road to hospitals, ambulance depots, and main police and fire stations

When severe weather is forecast these priority routes are usually treated with salt from 5am before the morning peak and again in the evening if freezing weather continues and road conditions require. If we have snow these routes will be our priority to keep clear.

Priority routes cover 57% of our public road network. Amey has a fleet of 32 gritters and 27 tractors fitted with snow ploughs and salt spreading equipment.

More information is available from our pdf icon Winter Services Q&A [247kb].


We have a similar system for treating footpaths. We prioritise:

  • Urban shopping areas and precincts
  • Main pedestrian routes linking homes, schools, shopping and industrial areas.

Trunk Roads / Motorways

Trunk roads and motorways (the M8, M73, M74) are the responsibility of the Scottish Government. You can find live information on the motorway network at Traffic Scotland.

Grit bins

There are over 2,700 grit bins across North Lanarkshire and these are topped up at the beginning of the winter period then refilled on a reactive basis. You can find out where your nearest bin is here.

We would ask residents to use these to keep local paths and streets clear and safe, and to help elderly neighbours who might not be able to clear the paths adjacent to their own properties.

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