Pan-Lanarkshire orbital transport corridor

£190m project links M74 in the south with M80 in the north

As part of City Deal the 'Pan-Lan' will create new and upgraded transport infrastructure in North Lanarkshire. This, together with similar road infrastructure investment planned within South Lanarkshire will support the economic regeneration of the area.

It is recognised that for the Glasgow City Region to be economically competitive, improvements to the transport network are needed.

The 'Pan Lan' proposes road improvements which will join the M74 to the M80 on a route through Ravenscraig. 

The improved connectivity delivered by the 'Pan-Lan' will:

  • Help to stimulate business investment
  • Create new employment opportunities
  • Improve access to jobs in North Lanarkshire and the wider Glasgow City Region. 

The 'Pan-Lan' is made up of the following three projects:

Project News

We will always look to keep you up-to-date with what's happening on these projects, and issue news releases to keep you informed.

10 April 2018 -  - Plans approved by the Glasgow City Region Cabinet

21 December 2017 - £190m roads programme to boost Ravenscraig regeneration - Glasgow City Region City Deal announcement

23 November 2017 - Plans for transport hub at Motherwell station - Council proposals for Muir Street

Projects approved

10 April 2018 - Glasgow City Region Cabinet approve the Outline Business Case for the Motherwell Town Centre Transport Interchange

12 December 2017 - Glasgow City Region Cabinet approve a revised Strategic Business Case for the Pan Lanarkshire Orbital Transport Corridor

18 August 2015 - Glasgow City Region Cabinet approve the Strategic Business Case for the Pan Lanarkshire Orbital Transport Corridor

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