St Andrew's Primary and Nursery Cumbernauld

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Saint Andrew's is a co-educational Roman Catholic primary school for all stages from P1 to P7. It's catchment area lies in the Craigmarloch, Dullatur , Westerwood, Carrickstone and Castlecary areas of Cumbernauld. The school is located on a site which accommodates both a non-denominational and a Roman Catholic school.

Outside view of Cumbernauld Primary school

Each school has its own educational wing comprising of teaching bases and activity area with associated pupil entrances, toilets and cloakrooms. The central core areas are designed for use by each school on a pro-rata and also for community use. The building is designed to be wholly compatible with the needs of disabled persons with lift installation, ramps and disabled toilets.

Both school have the best of facilities and resources to meet the needs of a Curriculum for Excellence and to allow both pupils and staff to work in pleasant and bright surroundings. The school is built on two floors. The layout is semi open plan with provision to separate adjoining classes by use of folding partitions.

The central core of the school consists of gymnasium and assembly hall, conference and audio visual areas, two noisy or quiet areas and a library.

Included in the external environment is a state of the art full size synthetic playing field capable of accommodating most sports, a changing pavilion and a tarmac play area.

Nursery provision will provide placed for 50 children in the morning and in the afternoon.

Pupils normally transfer from primary to secondary between the ages of 11.5 and 12.5 so that they will have the opportunity to complete at least four years of secondary education. Pupils from St Andrew's normally transfer to Our Lady's High, Dowanfield Road, Cumbernauld.

The aims of St. Andrew's primary school are:

  • To encourage all children to work to their full potential and to develop their skills and talents in a safe, happy and caring atmosphere.
  • To encourage friendship, understanding and harmony among all the pupils and to foster a sense of self-respect and self-esteem.
  • To foster good relationships among all those who work in, or visit, the school.
  • To play an active Christian part in the life of the school and the Catholic parishes it serves.
  • To establish a sense of community in the area and participate in activities involving others schools and agencies.
  • To develop in our pupils the four capacities for Excellence; Successful Learners, Effective Contributors, Responsible Citizens and Confident Individuals.
  • Pupils can take part in a variety of out of school hours clubs run by staff from both joint campus partners. A number of educational outing are arranged throughout the year to support pupils learning.
  • Close links with parents are actively encouraged in St. Andrew's with opportunities for regular liaison and workshops with staff. We also have a active PTA and Parent Council, St. Andrew's also enjoys close links with our local parishes, Sacred Heart and Holy Cross. St Andrews was the subject of a very positive HMIe inspection published in January 2008 the report can be read in full by using the link at the right of this page.


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