St Barbara's Primary

St Barbara's Primary school badge

St Barbara's primary is a co-educational, Roman Catholic school with a planning capacity of 326. At present there are eight classes including one composite class ie split stages, for example, four and five. The school has nine full time teaching staff who cater for the needs of pupils from primary one to primary seven.

Outside view of St Barbara's Primary school

The children in St. Barbara's will work in partnership with one another. They will be kind, helpful and have good manners. The children will value their own and others' contributions.

Staff and children will evaluate their work and will strive to be reflective individuals. Staff and children will be aware of the learning intentions and will work to the best of their ability.

As a school we will always involve the church and our community in our learning. We will always show respect for the environment that we work and live in.

The children, staff and school community will take pride in our achievements. We will all work towards being confident in ourselves and have a 'You can do it' attitude.

In St. Barbara's we have had a very supportive Parent Council which has just completed its term of office. We are beginning the process of organizing a new one. We are also supported by a very active Parents' Association which works tirelessly for the benefit of the children in the school.

We value the positive relationship we have with parents and carers in school. We produce monthly newsletters enabling them to keep up-to-date with the many events and activities taking place.

Our children benefit from a broad range of out of school activities. Staff provide a wide variety of clubs including golf, athletics, netball, football, badminton, card-making, ICT, gardening, choir, guitar, keyboards, streetdance and cycling. Traditionally these opportunities have been offered to children from P.4-P.7. We are hoping to extend this in the current session.

We encourage parents to help if possible. This session one of our parents has offered to lead a ballroom/Latino dance class.

Children in P.7 are given the opportunity to attend a week-long residential course in Kilbowie Outdoor Centre near Oban. The visit this session will, take place early in January.

As a Catholic school we take children to First Friday Mass each month. Canon O'Sullivan, our Parish Priest is very supportive of all of the children, staff and families in the school.

Throughout the year the children are involved in many fund-raising activities to help a variety of charities. Recently these have included SCIAF, Let the Children Live! Mary's Meals, Marie Curie Cancer Care and CLIC Sargent.

We are keen to foster an enterprising attitude among the children! As well as regular opportunities to participate in enterprising projects throughout the year we have a whole school focus on enterprise before Christmas. Our children produce a variety of products which we sell at our Christmas Fayre.

Pupils normally transfer from primary to secondary between the ages of 11.5 and 12.5 so that they will have the opportunity to complete at least four years of secondary education. Pupils from St Barbara's primary normally transfer to Our Lady's High School, Dowanfield Road, Cumbernauld.

In conjunction with the high school, we have a very effective transition programme in place to ensure a smooth transfer from primary to secondary. Teachers from our Lady's visit the school on a regular basis to teach their specialist subject for a four week block. This culminates in a three day visit to Our Lady's in June when children are organized into classes for the next session and have an opportunity to attend classes with their peers. There are also parent/carer information evenings during the course of the P.7 year and a Mass in the high school to welcome all of the new pupils.

We also have an effective transition programme to support children coming from nursery school to St. Barbara's. Last session we encouraged the nursery children to come to the school for a block of six visits culminating in two full afternoons. Teachers from St. Barbara's also visited the nursery with groups of P.1 children to answer any questions the younger children had.


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