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St Dominic's primary school first opened in August 1971 to cater for boys and girls from nursery to primary seven. Its design incorporates the best of traditional and modern planning. Alongside standard classrooms there are "quiet" rooms and spacious open areas where our pupils can learn by "doing". Our excellent amenities include an assembly hall with stage, open activity areas, tutorial rooms, parents room and a dining area.

Outside View of St Dominics Primary

Extra curricular activities are an important and much valued part of our school life. Children enjoy competition within our own school and with neighbouring schools. The activities available vary from year to year depending on the expertise and willingness of current staff and parents. We are fortunate at present to have a volunteer and staff offering coaching in football and basketball. There is also a chess team and children have the opportunity to learn recorder.

We like to think of our school as a caring committed community of children, parents and staff. We believe that meaningful education involves a close partnership between home and school. parents are invited to bring their child to pre-entry sessions in early May. Parents both meet the teacher, see the classroom and while you hear about us, your child enjoys exploring his or her new environment. In August or September we run a workshop to allow you to share and contribute to learning experiences on offer to the children. Parents wishing to continue regular close involvement will be most welcome. We try to involve our parents in as many aspects of school life as possible.

Where parents have other commitments and cannot involve themselves on a regular basis every effort is made to maintain a strong close relationship. Regular monthly newsletters informing you of school events are given to the children. It is worth searching the schoolbags. Meetings of parents of pupils at special stages are held to discuss preparation for Confession, First Holy Communion and Confirmation.

Our policy is to encourage links with our local community. The children regularly undertake projects which involve studies of their local environment. You will be invited to participate in at least one topic each year during your child's time in St Dominic's. parents help is always sought after to assist with supervisory duties on school excursions if they are not working and have no younger children at home. School sports day and finals of leagues netball, football and basketball, are great fun and the pleasure is increased if parents can be involved as helpers or spectators. Class masses are an ideal opportunity for many parents and grand-parents to come along and share our prayers. The pupils work with Father Kane to prepare the theme, the readings and bidding prayers to be included in the liturgy. Family and friends are also welcome to attend a class mass.

Pupils normally transfer from primary to secondary between the ages of 11.5 and 12.5 so that they will have the opportunity to complete at least four years of secondary education. Pupils from St Dominic's primary normally transfer to St Margaret's High, Airdrie. Efforts are currently being made to strengthen our links with St Margaret's so that continuity and progression may be maintained for each child from P7 to S1. Every opportunity is being taken by staffs of both schools to reduce the stress factor previously associated with the transfer from primary to secondary. As well as teacher exchanges, primary staff going to S1 and subject teachers in primary staff, and pupil visits, parents afternoons or evenings are now available when parents are invited to see the school, meet the staff and have your questions answered and anxieties allayed before your child leaves St Dominic's.

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