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St Margaret of Scotland primary is a Roman Catholic co-educational school teaching children from primary one to primary seven. Our school community includes a non-denominational Language and Communication Support Centre which serves children with particular language and communication needs who are able to access the mainstream school curriculum.

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Schools are very much at the heart of the community and we see our school as an integral part of the local community. We teach our children to think of themselves as citizens with much to contribute towards the community in which they live. We have a purposeful and very positive liaison with a variety of local organisations. Our school hosts several community activities in the evening including dance classes and YMCA groups. Councillors' surgeries and local community groups' meetings are also held in the school.

Extra curricular activities do a great deal to enrich our children's school experience. This year the staff have offered no fewer than eleven after-school clubs for our children: basketball, art/craft, skipping, cookery, football training, athletics, gymnastics, Spanish, Fundamentals, netball and a homework class. These supported study classes are run end-on to the school day from 3.00 p.m. - 4.00 p.m. Classes visit a variety of places in connection with their social studies programme such as Summerlee, Stirling Castle, Bannockburn Heritage Museum, Burns cottage and the Science Centre. We also take part in many local festivals and community events, including the Carbrain and Hillcrest Community Gala Day, the inter schools maths quiz at Our Lady's High School, the knights of St Columba Christmas competition and the annual Sports Hall Athletics competition at the Tryst Sports Centre.

We are firmly committed here to a genuine partnership with our parent community. We cannot emphasise enough the value of your support and co-operation. The benefits to the children of a positive relationship between parents and teachers are enormous. You are, and will always be, your child's most important teacher throughout his/her life and your own attitudes to school and to learning will impact enormously on your child's attitude to school. From time to time we ask for parental assistance with, for example, school outings, shows, fun day etc and your support here is invaluable in enriching the children's school life.

Pupils normally transfer from primary and secondary between the ages of 11.5 and 12.5 so that they will have the opportunity to complete at least four years of secondary education. Pupils from St Margaret of Scotland normally transfer to Our Lady's High,Dowanfield Road, Cumbernauld.  A well structured programme of primary/secondary liaison with Our Lady's High School assists with the transaction from P7 to S1 and ensures that our children look forward to the challenges of high school with confidence. This programme includes members of staff from the secondary school teaching a four week block of their specialist subject in P7. A parent information evening is held in the primary school where the head teacher and members of staff discuss aspects of transaction and the secondary curriculum. Frequent meetings are held where the head teachers of the associated primaries meet with the head teacher of Our Lady's and the assistant head teacher for S1. Primary 7 teachers and guidance also meet to hand over information.

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