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Braidhurst High School is a Six Year Co-Educational and Non-Denominational Comprehensive School.  The school was opened in 1962 and is fully comprehensive with a range of abilities in each year group. 

Outside View of Braidhurst High School

Braidhurst High school has a very active and thriving informal curriculum. Every pupil will have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of social and educational experiences including many sports activities, clubs which cater for a variety of interests, house/inter house competitions, outings and trips. The school is also well known for its musical events such as our 'Christmas Cracker' concert. Pupils are encouraged to participate in as many of these opportunities as possible.

We are extremely proud of our national Sports Comprehensive status, being one of the first in Scotland to achieve this accolade, and as a magnet school for talented footballers through our Scottish SFA School of Football status, Scottish FA Elite performance programme and a Premier Programme for Girls. Our professional coaches ensure the boys and girls received a robust programme to enhance their skills.

Our HMIe inspection (2010) highlighted the following strengths and examples of good practice all of which are still evident in the school;

  • The outstanding climate for learning and relationships in the school
  • Polite, well behaved young people
  • Young people's response to challenging tasks and activities, and the very high quality of teaching in a number of departments
  • Important features of pastoral support, including the 'Hub'

The school buildings are bright and have modern, attractive interiors which are well suited and resourced for current educational needs. The main building block contains teaching rooms, two gymnasiums, science laboratories, a cafeteria/dining room, a library/resource base, technological workshops, learning support area, a nurture hub, a drama studio and a theatre/assembly hall. The business studies department is housed in the main building and enjoys the most up-to-date facilities possible. Wet weather facilities are also available in this building.  It is linked by an enclosed bridge to a tower block containing further teaching accommodation and art and design studios including a pottery room. A base for our Pupil Support staff and large senior pupil common and study room are situated under the tower.

The entrance hall/exhibition area is noted for its displays.

The Sportsbarn is a large indoor facility which provides opportunities for a wide range of sports. The school has a grass pitch and a floodlit 4G astroturf within its own grounds and a pavilion to enable pupils to get changed for outdoor activities.

Braidhurst has developed excellent home school links with pupils and their families to keep them informed of what is happening. The success of the school is greatly improved when there are good links between the home and school. These are maintained by our informative reporting system whereby our senior pupils receive three reports throughout the session and our junior pupils four. This is enhanced by regular opportunities for parents to meet with both senior and teaching staff to discuss their child's progress. Parents are also made very welcome to meet with the pupil support staff if there are any concerns.

There are strong school community links at many levels and these are actively fostered by the Braidhurst Parents' Group which organises a wide range of social and educational meetings with the broad aim of promoting understanding and co-operation between staff and parents for the benefit of pupils. New members are always very welcome. We also foster links through our Home School Partnership Officer.

We also have a very strong and clear discipline policy in place which is well known to all stakeholders. We aim, through strong, consistent and fair management of pupil behaviour, to establish a happy, secure and purposeful environment in which every pupil can reach their potential. Providing this good learning environment is an important precondition for pupils achieving the highest possible levels of attainment. Our policy is based on promoting positive relationships through the use of praise and celebrating success with the top 10% of our pupils being issued with a monthly praise postcard for achieving merits while parents are contacted to alert them when a pupil is not doing so well.

The catchment area of Braidhurst includes the districts of North Motherwell, Forgewood and Jerviston. Pupils are normally drawn from our associated primary schools which are Ladywell Primary, Logans Primaryand Muir Street Primary. We have an extended transition programme in which a number of other primaries, due to the football programmes, are involved. Liaison arrangements with our associated primaries are robust and thorough with pupils having the opportunity to be involved in the life of the school before starting in August. 

Further information on the school can be found on the Braidhurst High School Website.

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