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Pentland School, situated in the Townhead area of Coatbridge, is North Lanarkshire council's designated specialist provision for primary pupils with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties.

Outside View of Pentland

The school is a single storey building which dates from the 1970's with an extension built in 2004. There are five classrooms, a general purpose hall and a multi-agency/ICT room. There are ample outside activity areas and an adventure playground. There is access for wheelchair users. Each classroom is furnished and equipped to a very high standard with interactive smart boards in each.

The maximum capacity of the school is 30 pupils and the school always operates at this capacity. Pupils from all over North Lanarkshire attend the school.

The school is staffed by 9 well qualified and experienced full time teachers, including the Head Teacher and Depute Head Teacher, Principal Teacher, Support Teacher and 5 class teachers. Additionally there are 5 full time additional support needs assistants who provide pupil and classroom support and perform a variety of other valuable tasks. All staff are trained in advanced pupil management and care techniques.

The school provides a high standard of educational provision to its pupils. Staff are regularly involved in professional review and development activities and have many opportunities through in-service development to further develop their professional skills. The school maintains its development impetus through a planning process which involves all staff.

The school is involved in the immediate community and works very closely with other professionals and agencies to ensure that the needs of pupils are met as fully as possible.

Standards of pupil discipline and care are high.

At Pentland school we aim to:

  • Maintain our journey towards being a "School of Excellence" through continuous and rigorous self evaluation involving all staff, pupils, parents and stakeholders.
  • Maintain and promote our values of having a "Peacekeeping School" where our shared rights and responsibilities enable all pupils and staff to feel valued, respected and encouraged to achieve to their potential and at levels greater than their previous best.
  • Provide pupils with the necessary support during the important transitions of admission and departure and in any reintegration attempts to mainstream schooling.
  • Identify and address the emotional and educational needs of our pupils and provide them with teaching and learning experiences which helps them develop into responsible citizens, confident individuals, successful learners and effective contributors.
  • Provide maximum opportunities for parents and carers to be informed and involved in aspects of their child's life in the school.
  • Achieve our vision, values, aspirations and aims by providing a competent, committed and effectively managed staff team who all share our total and absolute commitment to our "Journey to Excellence" so that all our pupils can improve their chance of "A Better Future".
  • Ensure that when pupils require additional input from external agencies and supports, that this is effectively identified, accessed and provided.
  • An ethos which promotes attainment of these aims permeates throughout the school.

The school was declared to be "The Best School of its kind" by HMIe inspectors during their inspection in April, 2009.

Further information can be obtained by contacting the Head Teacher

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