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Lifting families out of fuel poverty


We’ve reduced the number of households living in fuel poverty by 4,000 over the past year, improving the lives of our tenants and residents and reducing our carbon emissions

This year’s Scottish House Condition Survey results show the significant progress we’re making in tackling fuel poverty and our commitment to meeting the Scottish Government’s 2040 Fuel Poverty target.

Fuel poverty is when a household cannot afford to heat their home to a comfortable level. This can be because of low income, poor insulation and the cost of the energy being used. Just one of these factors, or a combination, can affect people’s ability to heat their homes.

We’ve taken a number of steps that are now delivering results and having a positive impact across homes, lifting people and families out of fuel poverty.

One successful initiative is our ‘It Pays to Switch’ website. This encourages people to switch energy suppliers to secure cheaper tariffs, to help reduce fuel bills. The site is easy to use and provides access to various tariffs offered by different energy companies. And, for those completing a switch of supplier, the site has saved them, on average, £128 from their annual fuel bill.

Over the last five years we’ve replaced inefficient heating systems in over 12,000 homes. Our new, modern heating reduces the energy required to use the system, cuts carbon emissions and saves our tenants and residents money on their fuel bills.

Since 2016/17 over £9m has been invested in our towns through the Home Energy Efficiency Programme Scotland: Area Based Schemes. This Scottish Government scheme has seen us deliver energy efficiency improvements to over 1000 homes, mainly external wall insulation.

Councillor Heather Brannan-McVey, Convener of Housing and Regeneration said: “It’s good to see such a significant reduction in the number of households living with fuel poverty. As a council we are determined to improve the lives of people living across all communities and in particular those households most at risk; single and older persons, and families where a member has a disability or a long-term illness. While we are delighted with these results, we recognise there are still people and families living in these circumstances. We will continue to shape and target our services to assist those most in need to positively impact on their living conditions.

“In addition to the benefits we’re bringing to people living in our communities, we’re also reducing our carbon emissions and footprint, protecting our environment and helping us realise our ambition to make North Lanarkshire the place to Live, Learn, Work, Invest and Visit.”

Our Financial Inclusion Team can offer practical help and advice to households experiencing fuel poverty.

Page last updated:
09 Mar 2021

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