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East Airdrie link road


Reducing traffic congestion and improving air quality between Newhouse and Stand

The East Airdrie link road is the name given to the section of the Pan Lanarkshire orbital transport corridor that runs between the M8 and Cumbernauld. 

This section will link with the Ravenscraig access infrastructure, south of the M8, to provide a north south route through North Lanarkshire and to the wider City Region.

The new road infrastructure will:

  • improve journey times and transport reliability
  • improve connections between residential areas, town centres, business centres, employment and education
  • improve air quality, by relieving congestion along the existing A73

It is expected the project will create a new single carriageway road link with pedestrian and cycle ways from north of the M8 (A723/Newhouse Interchange) to the A73, north of Stand.

The road will have limited connections to the local road network to improve traffic flow.

It will include:

  • new road crossings of the Airdrie to Bathgate train line and the North Calder Water
  • several crossings of local roads and streams

What are we doing now?

We are in Stage 2 of gathering information stage of the project.

This is where we look at all the possible routes, choose the ones we think are the best and then look at them in more detail.

In May 2020 we started speaking to important agencies and community groups, we will keep doing this as we go along.

What have we done?

We recently carried out an online community engagement exercise. Find out more about the East Airdrie link road options we considered.

This gave you the opportunity to provide feedback on the options. We would like to thank everyone who provided their comments.

Your feedback on the shortlist will assist us as we move forward to Stage 2.

If you want information about this, we recommend you sign up to our email alerts as the best way to keep up-to-date.

We will be holding further stakeholder and public engagement during the options appraisal process.

What's happening next?

This is a large project which will take some years to complete. We are at an early stage, with conclusion of the options generation and appraisal process required to identifying a preferred route.

Once a preferred route is identified there will be site investigations and a lot of detailed design work to be done. Statutory and funding approvals will also be needed before any construction works would start.

Our next steps are to complete the Stage 1 options generation and appraisal, identifying a short list of options to be taken forward to a Stage 2 appraisal.

A series of public exhibitions will be held to present the Stage 1 findings, and for us to get feedback.

Our expected timetable

  • start Stage 2 options development and appraisal - spring 2020
  • Stage 2 public events - autumn/winter 2020
  • conclude Stage 2 appraisal identifying the preferred route option - 2020
  • appoint consultant to undertake design work - winter 2020/2021
  • Outline Business Case for City Deal funding - winter 2021/2022
  • planning application - spring 2022

Project news

We will always look to keep you up-to-date with what's happening on these projects, and issue news releases to keep you informed.

21 December 2017 - £190 million roads investment to boost Ravenscraig regeneration - Glasgow City Region City Deal announcement.

Page last updated:
26 Nov 2020

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