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Feel Well NL


You have probably arrived here after engaging with signs currently located in and around Motherwell, Coatbridge and Airdrie. This signage forms part of a new initiative, Feel Well NL which is all about understanding how local people are feeling and exploring ideas and activities to enhance our wellbeing.

It's been a tough few years coping with the impact of illness, loss, isolation and soaring living costs. Some of us are still appreciating a greater degree of freedom following the pandemic restrictions while others are struggling with the financial pressures of day to day living.

It’s important to monitor the mood of local people to understand where and what additional support services might be needed to help local communities. Budgets are tight everywhere so it's more important than ever before to understand community needs and priorities.

The communication tool we are using for this service is an innovative interactive platform which enables basic exchanges via SMS text (and a new online app) about the area, things to do, services available, details of online support and where to find them.

We will collate any insights gathered to inform decision makers of what local people are telling us to help inform service development. This is critical because improving the health and wellbeing of our communities is a priority for the council. We will also ensure that the platform is kept up to date with details of local events and service developments.

How it works

The tool enables anyone with a mobile phone to anonymously engage with the service by scanning a QR code (using the phone’s camera) or by sending a pre-specified text message to the number provided on the sign. More recently an app has also been developed to enable people to engage with the service via digital channels as well as the signs. 

The tool uses integrated artificial intelligence tools and sentiment analysis to enhance the exchange with a view to sharing information that is meaningful to the user and to gather data through conversation.


Where are the signs located?

We currently have signs located in Aidrie, Coatbridge and Motherwell. Over the coming months, we will be testing out offering the service via local digital communication channels as well.

Is the service free?

If you are following the instructions on physical signs, communication takes place via SMS text, so your mobile phone provider’s standard rates for sending and receiving text messages will still apply – this is normally included as part of your ‘allowance’.

If you are accessing the service via a digital communication channel such as facebook, you will need access to data via wifi or a cellular data allowance.

Is the service anonymous?

Yes. We have a different number on each sign to help us understand whether the location of the sign has any influence on the type of information that is shared. But there is absolutely no way of identifying you, so don’t hold back!

Do I have to download any software?

No. To connect via the QR code you just use the camera app on your phone. You point the camera at the code, and you will be asked if you want to connect with the service. If you prefer not to do this, you simply send a text message as instructed on the sign and you’ll receive an instant reply. If you are connecting via a digital channel, just click the link and use the dialogue box to type your responses.

Page last updated:
18 May 2023

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