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Community grants and awards

Community grants

Grants for voluntary and community groups in North Lanarkshire.

Covid-19 changes

During the current public health crisis, we are only accepting applications for projects that support the management and recovery from Covid-19.

Application deadline

  • 10am, 1 June 2021 (applications considered 14 June 2021)
  • 10am, 24 August 2021 (applications considered 6 September 2021)
  • 10am, 16 November 2021 (applications considered 29 November 2021)
  • 10am, 22 February 2022 (applications considered 7 March 2022)

What is the purpose of the grant scheme?

This grant scheme provides small amounts of funding, in a short timescale, to promote projects or activities which bring community benefit. During the current public health crisis it has been decided to alter the criteria for qualifying for this grant to accept only applications for projects that support the management and recovery from Covid-19.

Who can apply?

You must be a democratically run voluntary organisation or community group operating in North Lanarkshire.

This means that your organisation or group must be governed by people who are elected or appointed by the members of your organisation and that membership is open to appropriate sections of the community. For example, if your group is for people over 60 living in a particular town, anyone who falls into that category must be able to be a member.

Religious organisations may apply if the project is open to all sections of the community and it does not promote a particular faith or religious viewpoint.

Individuals, profit distributing organisations, private clubs (clubs without open memberships), political parties and Trade Unions may not apply.

What can be funded – Covid-19 related activity?

Grants may be used for various purposes including: 

  • equipment
  • accommodation or let charges
  • running costs
  • programme costs
  • improvements and building repairs 

as long as they are related to Covid-19 activity in local communities and the recovery from the crisis.

What can't be funded?

Grants are not made for:

  • activities that started before the application is made
  • items of equipment of a personal nature
  • repairs or improvements to premises not owned by, or leased to, the organisation applying

How much can I apply for?

The maximum you can apply for is £1,000. You can apply:

  • up to three times in any one financial year (1 April to 31 March) for different activities
  • or for the same activity if six months have passed since the last application
  • the total funded to any one organisation in any one year must not exceed £1,000

What is the timescale for submitting applications?

Community Grants applications are considered at specific times throughout the year. You should apply in plenty time for your application to be processed as this can take up to eight weeks.

What is the application process?

Complete an application form. All additional information should be sent with your application in an electronic format such as a scan or photo. You need to tell us which council wards will benefit from your project. Your application will not be considered if you do not tell us this.

Your application form and additional information should be sent to

Please make sure that:

  • The form is fully completed and signed by two members involved in running your organisation.
  • You attach your constitution. It must be signed and dated by a minimum of two members of either the Management Committee or Board.
  • You attach a recent bank statement.
  • You attach a completed bank mandate form.
  • You attach a copy of your most recent annual financial statement. It must be signed and dated by the appropriate persons.

Where can I get help with the form?

If you would like any further help or advice in completing the application form please contact the Grants Administration Officer for your area. 

What happens next?

When we receive the application we will send you an email confirming that it has been received. We will give your application a reference number and tell you if we need any additional information or if any information is missing. The email will confirm the date on which the application will be considered.

The process takes about eight weeks and you will be told of any decision within seven working days of the decision being made.

Community Grants Scheme – Conditions of Grant 

If your organisation is awarded a grant you will be expected to comply with these conditions of grant.

Your signature on the application form confirms that you agree to abide by these conditions:

  • The grant award may only be used for the purpose (or purposes) originally applied for.
  • In the case of repairs or improvements to premises:
    • your organisation should own or lease property (at least five years)
    • comply with any relevant legislation
  • The funding contribution received from the council is acknowledged in any publicity material.
  • All purchases and/or services paid through the grant award must be backed up with receipts. You may be asked to submit these receipts as proof of expenditure so you should retain these for at least two years. All financial records relating to the grant award and its subsequent expenditure should be made available for inspection by council officers if requested
  • Undertake to keep any equipment purchased, secure, properly maintained and not disposed of without prior permission from the council;
  • Any monitoring reports that have been requested should be completed promptly. Failure to comply with monitoring requirements will mean that future grant applications cannot be accepted and late monitoring returns will delay processing of applications
  • Return any unused grant to the council and
  • Return to the council any remaining grants monies, equipment or facilities purchased through the grants scheme in the event of the organisation disbanding.

Community grant enquiries by area:

  • Airdrie and Motherwell areas - call 07929 016753
  • Bellshill, Coatbridge and Wishaw areas - call 07971 174685
  • North area - call 07929 019044

Airdrie Area councillors and wards
Ward Ward number Councillors
Airdrie North 8 Alan Beveridge, Sophia Coyle,  David Cullen, Tommy Morgan
Airdrie Central  9 Trevor Douglas,  Jim Logue,  Nancy Pettigrew,  David Stocks
Airdrie South 12 Michael Coyle,  Paul Di Mascio,  Ian McNeil,  Sandy Watson
Bellshill Area councillors and wards
Ward Ward number Councillors
Thorniewood   14 Bob Burrows,  Norah Mooney 
Bellshill 15 Colin Cameron,  Angela Campbell,  Harry Curran,  Jordan Linden
Mossend and Holytown 16 David Baird,  Frank McNally,  Jim Reddin 
Coatbridge Area councillors and wards
Ward Ward number Councillors
Coatbridge North 7 Kirsten Larson,  Alex McVey,  Bill Shields,  Allan Stubbs
Coatbridge West  10 Kevin Docherty,  Mary Gourlay,  Caroline Stephen 
Coatbridge South  11 Tracey Carragher,   Tom Castles, Fergus MacGregor,  Geraldine Woods
Motherwell Area councillors and wards
Ward Ward number Councillors
Motherwell West 17 Meghan Gallacher,  Paul Kelly,  Annette Valentine
Motherwell North 18 Olivia Carson,  Shahid Farooq,  Pat O’Rourke,  Ann Weir, 
Motherwell South East & Ravenscraig   19 Kenneth Duffy,  Agnes Magowan,  Alan Valentine,  Nathan Wilson
Cumbernauld and Kilsyth Area councillors and wards
Ward Ward number Councillors
Kilsyth 1 Heather Brannan - McVey, Jean Jones,   Mark John Kerr 
Cumbernauld North  2 Danish Ashraf,  Calum Currie,  Tom Fisher,   Alan Masterton 
Cumbernauld South 3 Junaid Ashraf,  William Goldie,  Allan Graham,  Catherine Johnston 
Cumbernauld East 4 Clare Barclay,  Gillian Fannan,  Paddy Hogg,  Tom Johnston
Stepps Chryston and Muirhead 5 Lynne Anderson,  Stephen Goldsack,  John McLaren
Glenboig and Moodiesburn 6 Willie Doolan,  Greg Lennon,  Michael McPake
Wishaw Area councillors and wards
Ward Ward number Councillors
Fortissat  13 Martin McCulloch,  Kenneth Stevenson,  Clare Quigley 
Murdouston    20 Robert McKendrick,  Cameron McManus,  Louise Roarty,  Nicky Shevlin
Wishaw 21 Bob Burgess Angela Feeney Fiona Fotheringham Jim Hume

Community Grant bank mandate form


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24 Feb 2021

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