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Supporting our veteran and military communities

Veterans /Armed Forces Housing Options

If you are a serving officer in the armed forces or a veteran returning to or livening in North Lanarkshire we will do our best to assist you in sourcing appropriate, affordable housing which meets the needs of you and your family.

Applying for a house in North Lanarkshire

We aim to provide affordable, quality housing for people who need somewhere to live because they do not have anywhere safe and secure to live or because their current housing no longer suits their needs. Our housing policy is based on a clear framework where we prioritise people who are in most need of housing. This framework meets the legal responsibilities we have in terms of allocating housing.

North Lanarkshire Council operate a Common Housing Register (CHR) with eight Registered Social Landlords (Housing Associations and Co-operatives) who also have social rented housing stock in the North Lanarkshire area.

The CHR allows you to apply for social rented housing owned by any of the partner landlords by using just one application form. Information from your application form will go on a register, which each of the partner landlords can access. Your application will be assessed according the rules of each landlord’s Allocation Policy. Seven of the partner landlords use the same allocations policy or priority framework as the council.

Our Allocation policy

If you apply for housing through our Common Housing Register because you are leaving the armed forces and you are losing your accommodation, we will prioritise your application using the criteria set out in our framework on awarding points. A copy of this Allocation Policy can be found here policy

Lanarkshire Housing Association are one of our partners who use a different Allocation Policy and pointing framework.  Information on their policy can be found here

Housing options

If you have already left the armed forces and are experiencing difficulties in your current accommodation or need to leave your accommodation for any reason, we will provide you with advice and assistance in accordance with our housing options /prevention & sustainability processes.  In addition, we will assess you to ascertain if you would benefit from the provision of Housing Support in order to help you sustain your existing accommodation or any future tenancy.  We can also explore any requirements for specialist or adapted properties and make any necessary referrals for additional support or assistance.

We will also inform you of your rights under homeless legislation and take a homeless application and provide you with temporary accommodation if required.

If you apply for housing with us we will assess your current housing circumstances and award priority in line with our allocation policy.  You will be offered a further Housing Options Interview with one of our experienced Housing Advisors to discuss the priority you have been awarded and review the choices you have made on your application.

We will also assist you in exploring other housing options which may be available to you including:

Offers of housing

Offers of housing will depend on the level of priority you have been awarded as well as your needs and preferences and the types of homes that become available to let in the areas you have chosen.

You can get advice on this or for any other housing related matter from any of the CHR partner landlords.

Other Social housing providers in North Lanarkshire

In addition to the main partner landlords who operate the CHR, there are a number of other housing associations who have housing stock in the North Lanarkshire area. North Lanarkshire Council has arrangements in place which enable them to nominate an applicant from their waiting list to some of the vacancies these landlords may have. You may also apply directly to any or all of these landlords.

Other useful links

North Lanarkshire Housing Options Guide: Options

A Scottish Housing Guide for people leaving the armed forces and ex-service personnel:

Making Life Easier, offering information, professional advice and direct access to services and support:

Equipment and adaptations service:

Contact details for all social housing providers in North Lanarkshire and the surrounding areas is available in the Lanarkshire Firm Base Handbook.

Page last updated:
22 Feb 2023

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