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Van or trailer access at recycling centres

You must now book your van into a recycling centre using an online form. Please read the guidance below then make a booking.

How to book and prepare your visit

Residents can book to use a van, camper van, hired van, works van or a car with a single-axle trailer to dispose of household waste at four of our centres:

Our six recycling centres are licensed for the use of North Lanarkshire residents only. You must bring photo identification and proof of your address when you visit a centre.

We can not accept waste from a business at any centre. Business owners can find details of appropriately licensed sites online or should consult a waste disposal directory.

Bookings can only be made online and must be booked in advance. Information on the van/trailer and items/type of materials being disposed of must be provided when booking.

We do not accept curtain-side vehicles, minibuses, cage vehicles, box vans, flatbed vehicles, luton vans pick-up vans, vans with trailers, double-axle trailers or vehicles over 3.5t gross weight.

Can I bring a hired van?

Yes. Residents hiring a van must book their visit in advance.

Please note - if you are hiring a vehicle and do not yet have the registration at the time of booking, enter the details H1RED as the vehicle registration.

The system will not let you complete your booking unless a vehicle registration is entered.

When you attend your appointment, you must bring:

  • the short-term hire agreement
  • photographic identification
  • proof of address

Can a charity book a van or trailer into a recycling centre?

Yes. Similar rules apply to charities who wish to use our centres. Some existing charities may have prior agreements in place with regards to their vehicle type. This will continue until they change their vehicles. 

Charities can only dispose of waste that has come from the registered charity address. Therefore, you can only present materials that your charity is registered for. We will check your itemised list of materials.

At your visit, the driver must provide details of their waste carriers license, photographic identification along with proof of charitable status and registered charity address.

If you do not have a waste carriers license we cannot accept the booking.

How do I cancel my booking?

If you no longer need your booking, this can be easily cancelled by logging into your myaccount. 

Cancel your booking through the applications section on your myaccount dashboard. This will delete all the details you have entered and this booking will no longer be included as one of your 12 allowed bookings per year.

Rules for van/trailer visits

  • Each household address is limited to 12 visits per year.
  • A maximum of three visits per day to a centre is allowed. One visit is equivalent to one booking slot on the system.
  • Only single-axle trailers less than 1.8 metres in length are allowed.
  • Van/trailer contents will be inspected to make sure the contents match the list provided at the time of booking and the waste is not commercial.
  • If the material is thought to be commercial or different from the list you provided at the time of booking, access to the site will be denied.
  • If you are unable to attend at your booked time, please cancel the booking online through your myaccount, to allow others to use the slot. Unattended bookings will be included as part of the permitted 12 visits.
  • We practise ‘fair-use’ at all our recycling centres and we will monitor activities to prevent abuse.
  • Last booking slot for vans will be 4.30pm Monday to Saturday and 4pm on a Sunday.
  • Weekend bookings are the most popular so be sure to book these well in advance.
  • You cannot add additional items to your booking later. You would need to cancel your booking and rebook. 

Book your appointment

You can only book online:

To book a slot you will need a myaccount.

When completing the online form, you will be asked for the registration number of the van or trailer you will be using and a list of items/materials you will be disposing of.

Find out which items/materials we accept.

If you don't have the vehicle registration

If you are bringing a hire vehicle and don’t have the vehicle registration at the time of booking, please enter these details as the registration:

  • H1RED

ID and proof of address

When you arrive for your appointment you must show photographic identification supported by proof of address:

  • photographic identification - this can be passport or driving license
  • proof of address - this can be a utility bill, council tax letter or a letter with your name and address on it

This is a new system and the listed items for disposal in the waste description options online may not describe your exact items. If you are unsure, note the items as bags and explain to the attendant on your visit. This will ensure as much as possible is recycled. We will continue to expand and add to these waste options online. 

Page last updated:
07 Feb 2024

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