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The Cemeteries service

Cemeteries service fees

Our fees are shown below. This includes fees in relation to the Baby memorial Garden in Cambusnethan cemetery.

We apply charges when we know the residence of the proposed lair holder and the deceased. The fees are reviewed annually.

  Item North Lanarkshire Council (2024/25) Non-resident fees (2024/25)
Purchase of Lair £1137 £1511
Purchase of Lair (Kilsyth) (2 coffin 6 cremation caskets) £840 £1050
Interment Fee (Adult) £1112 £1125
Interment Fee (Juvenile 17 years & under) See Note Free of charge Free of charge
Interment Fee (Adult Saturday) £1390 £1390
Interment Fee (Adult Public Holiday) £1390 £1390
Interment Fee (Juvenile 17 years & under Saturday) Free of charge Free of charge
Interment Fee (Juvenile 17 years & under Public Holiday) Free of charge Free of charge
Interment Fee (Cremation Casket) £305 £331
Interment Fee (Cremation Casket Saturday) £381 £381
Interment Fee (Cremation Casket Public Holiday) £381 £381
Scattering of Ashes Free of charge Free of charge
Transfer or Duplicate Lair Certificate or Memorial Permit (excluding foundation fee) £45 £45
Memorial Permit including Foundation Fee £258 £258
Purchase of Lair Baby Garden (Cambusnethan Cemetery) £530 £530
Permit to fit plaque (single) Baby Garden (Cambusnethan Cemetery) £258 £258
Opening of Communal Lair Baby Garden (Cambusnethan Cemetery) Free of Charge Free of Charge
Request for search of cemetery records £21 £21
  Note: All fees for a Juvenile 17 and under and stillborn infant are free of charge this includes new lair fee, interment fee and memorial permit fee. This is not applicable to NVF babies. Non-resident new lair and interment fees are benchmarked against Glasgow City Council.

Page last updated:
05 Apr 2024

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