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Housing Annual Performance Report 2020/2021

Access to housing support 2020/21

New lets in 2020/21

During the Covid pandemic, the lockdowns and other restrictions meant that we could not allocate our properties as quickly as we normally would have been able to. In addition, fewer properties became available for let. However, we were still able to allocate 2,303 empty properties to people on the housing waiting list. Our performance and that of other landlords also dipped because of the pandemic. The average number of days it took to re-let properties fell to 29 days; however, this was still well below the Scottish Local Authority average of 59.4 days

We don’t receive any rent when a property is empty, so we make sure that properties don’t stay empty for too long. Therefore we will continue to focus on allocating our empty houses quickly and efficiently getting back to pre-pandemic performance levels of below 22 days.

Tenancy sustainment

Supporting tenants to remain in their homes is important to us, our aim is for tenants to sustain their tenancy long term. We measure this target against 1 year. When a tenancy ends with the first year, we look at the reason for this and determine if there was anything we could have done to prevent it. Often the reason is outwith our control.

Our 2020/21 performance shows an increase of 2.83% on the previous year but is 1.16% below the Scottish Local authority average. We will continue to monitor and make improvements to support our tenants to remain in their homes.


To help tenants to continue to live independently in their own homes a range of adaptations can be made. In 2020/21 despite the restrictions from the pandemic we still managed to complete 635 adaptations to our tenants’ homes. The time taken to complete these adaptations can vary depending on the type of work required and the different needs of each tenant. However, we had an average timescale of 38.6 days to complete the adaptations. There was an overall investment of £741,266 spent providing these adaptations.

Service improvements

We are currently working on many digital improvements across the council including an online application for our Common Housing Register, which is expected to go live in 2022. We will work with tenants and tenant groups to test the new online form and get feedback during the development process.

Performance Indicator 2018/19 2019/20 2020/21 Local authority average Our performance direction
Percentage of new tenancies sustained for more than a year 88.6% 87.31% 90.14% 91.3% Improved
Average time to re-let properties in the last year 23.5 days 21.6 days 29.06 days 59.4 days Not Improved
Average time to complete adaptations 48.8 days 33.9 days 38.65 days 46.2 days Not improved

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29 Oct 2021

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