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Housing Annual Performance Report 2020/2021

Customer landlord relationship 2020/21

Our latest tenant’s survey took place in August 2018 using a face-to-face questionnaire. By carrying out face-to-face interviews we maximised response rates while making sure we involved a representative sample of tenants.

The response from tenants was very positive, especially in areas such as:

  • being kept informed
  • opportunities for participation
  • increased satisfaction with the quality of housing
  • the management of their neighbourhood


The percentage of tenants who are satisfied with the overall service provided has risen from 85.3% in 2017/18 to 91.00% in our latest survey. This also compares very favourably with the Scottish local authority average of 84.2% as shown in the table below. Our last tenant survey was carried out in 2018 and the information used for the last three years.  

Performance Indicator 2018/19 2019/20 2020/21 LA Average 20/21 NLC performance direction
Percentage of tenants satisfied with the overall service 91.00% 91.00% 91.00% 84.2% Same
Percentage of tenants who feel their landlord is good at keeping them informed about services and decisions 92.50% 92.50% 92.5% 85.6% Same
Percentage of tenants satisfied with opportunities to participate in landlords decision-making process 92.50% 92.50%   92.5%   79.40% Same
Percentage of complaints responded to within timescale (Average of stage 1 and 2) 98.30% 99.71% 96.02% 92.0% Not improved
Complaints stage 1 -Average time to respond n/a 4.65 working days 4.64% working days 7.3 working days Improved
Complaints stage 2 -Average time to respond n/a 16.04 working days 18.38 working days 23.3 working days Not improved

In relation to complaints, our performance compares very favourably to the Scottish Local Authority average and falls within the required SPSO target of 5 working days for stage 1 complaints and 20 for stage 2 complaints. Complaints give us valuable information that we use to improve customer satisfaction and your feedback helps us put things right and helps us learn from mistakes. As a result, we have seen the number of complaints made by our tenants and other customers reducing year on year.

Our actions
You said... We did...
You wanted increased localised opportunities to get involved Although we have been unable to meet in person over the last year, we have organised a variety of online meetings, and information sessions to allow tenants to get involved. For those unable to join virtually we have continued to make contact via telephone and letter.
You wanted more meaningful consultation   Although we have been unable to meet in person over the last year, we have ensured that our tenants have been consulted on topics that matter to them. These have been provided in the form of online sessions.
You wanted to be more involved in decision making We have increased the numbers of individuals getting involved in tenant participation, who are able to participate in a wide range of scrutiny topics. 

Impact of Covid-19

Whilst we can’t hold our usual forms of consultation or meet face to face, the Tenant Participation Team are still here to support existing groups with advice and support. We are also still able to deal with enquiries for anyone thinking about setting up a tenants and residents association.

We continue to meet with the North Lanarkshire Federation online to ensure their business plan and the Tenant Participation Strategy Action Plan are being progressed. We have also supported the North Lanarkshire Federation to host a variety of virtual ‘Food for Thought’ and consultation sessions.

During the pandemic we recognised that some of our previously engaged tenants and residents had been unable to get involved due to being digitally excluded. This prompted us to look at solutions to support them to get involved once again. We secured external funding to purchase devices and data plans to help those get back online.  Members of the Tenant Participation Team completed the Digital Champion training via Connecting Scotland, and are able to offer training and support for anyone who needs it.

We continue to strive towards making ourselves as accessible as possible during these challenging times and are always happy to hear your views on what matters most to you within your community. 


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29 Oct 2021

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