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Home fire safety in high rise flats

​​​​​​​Important information for people living in high rise flats

The door installed at the entrance of your flat is specially designed to meet fire safety building regulations. Your door is there to protect you and other residents from the spread of smoke and fire. 

You should never:

  • install UPVC doors in high rise flats as they are more likely to give off toxic smoke when set alight
  • replace your entrance door without our permission

The wooden entrance door is specially designed and should only be replaced with a wooden fire retardant door designed for use in high rise flats.

If you are concerned about the doors within your building or any other fire safety issue, please contact your local housing office

You should never leave any rubbish in the common areas, drying cupboards or pramstores. In the event of a fire, rubbish could catch alight, preventing your escape as well as other residents. If you have a large amount of rubbish, please do not place this down the communal bin chute - arrange a special uplift.

Fire safety concerns

If you have any concerns about fire safety in your home, you should contact your local housing office.

Our fire safety videos contain useful tips to help keep your family safe within your home.

Page last updated:
09 Dec 2020

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