The Glasgow City Region City Deal

£202 million infrastructure investment for North Lanarkshire

Glasgow City Region City Deal is an agreement between the UK Government, the Scottish Government and eight local authorities, including North Lanarkshire.

It has set up a £1.13 billion Infrastructure Fund to create economic growth by improving transport and regenerating or developing sites over the next 20 years.

What we propose to deliver through the infrastructure fund has changed

We now aim to provide major road infrastructure to support the redevelopment of Ravenscraig, as this is a nationally important development site. 

This important change allows us to focus on delivering the Pan Lanarkshire Orbital Transport Corridor. This will help the regeneration of Ravenscraig achieve the best economic, social and environmental benefits that it can.

Providing this major infrastructure will create new and improved access into Ravenscraig. The overall North Lanarkshire City Deal investment has increased from £172.5 million to £202 million.

As a council, we are making an additional £29.5 million available to support the Ravenscraig road development.

The North Lanarkshire package has three core projects:

There are a number of smaller projects that all work together to deliver these larger projects.

To focus on the delivery of the Ravenscraig access we are no longer taking forward all our previous proposals. This includes the Holytown link road.

The main purpose of City Deal is to:

  • Support an overall growth in the City Region economy
  • Generate employment opportunities
  • Attract private sector funding
  • Spread the benefits of the investment across the whole region

We are the second largest local authority taking part in the Glasgow City Region City Deal and our projects will

  • Improve local transport networks
  • Support sustainable and active travel
  • Support the development of key sites
  • Create employment opportunities
  • Improve access to employment
  • Generate significant economic activity to support local businesses including Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). 

Glasgow City Region City Deal also has two other funds

Innovation and Growth Fund

This has invested £1 million in the MediCity Scotland facility based at Euro Central Business Park.

Skills and Employment Fund

We are involved in labour market projects to help address local employment challenges.

The key aims of City Deal are to:

  • Support growth in the life sciences by establishing world class research and development facilities
  • Support business innovation by helping small and medium enterprises to grow and develop
  • Deal with unemployment by setting up programmes to support unemployed people and look to the incomes of people on low wages.

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Information for contractors and businesses

Delivering City Deal will require us to purchase a host of goods and services and if you are a local business, please get involved.

If you are an SME or third sector organisation interested in bidding for public sector contracts, you can access free training and support from the Supplier Development Programme.

City Deal contract opportunities, where appropriate, will be advertised and awarded through Public Contracts Scotland. Register on the PCS website and select the City Deal category to receive automatic updates.

As well as city deal, the council offers opportunities to work with the us on other projects.

Please use the 'contact us' box if you have any questions. For more information, see 'related pages', 'downloads' or 'other useful websites'.

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