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Common insect pests

Booklice (Psocids)


1-2 mm.


Pale coloured translucent.

Where they you'll find them

Booklice can be found outdoors, under bark, on walls and in crevices. Indoors they prefer areas of high humidity, the kitchen is the most common place to find them and fitted cupboards and folds of food packaging can provide suitable shelter.


They can live for about six months and in that time may lay up to 200 eggs.


They feed on microscopic moulds and mildews, which flourish in warm humid places, such as domestic kitchens.

What you can do?

Any infested food items should be destroyed. Clean affected areas with a dry cloth or vacuum. Keep storage areas well ventilated and store vulnerable foodstuffs like flour, rice, cereal and pasta in sealed containers. Treatment with a suitable residual insecticide may be required in cupboard joints to completely get rid of the problem.


Page last updated:
30 Jan 2023

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