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Common insect pests

Hide Beetle


6 to 10 mm long, oval shaped


Dark brown/black

Where you'll find them

Hide beetles are common household pests. They are often found in kitchens where they can scavenge for food debris. They will also feed and breed under units and under kitchen appliances such as cookers and washing machines.


  • Egg - larvae - pupa - adult - complete life cycle usually 12-16 weeks.
  • Larvae - up to 14 mm long, dark brown banded, with distinctive bristles.
  • Adults - 6 to 10 mm long with short clubbed antennae, active fliers.


Larvae feed mainly on dry decomposing animal matter but may also feed on vegetable matter.

What you can do

Food storage and preparation areas should be kept in a clean condition. Deposits of food debris should be removed from corners and cracks.

Where possible appliances should be removed and area below and behind cleaned thoroughly. Refuse should be suitably contained  and refuse storage areas should be kept clean.

A residual insecticide should be applied where an infestation of dermestes beetles is found. All room surfaces should be thoroughly cleaned before any insecticidal treatment is carried out.


Page last updated:
16 Sep 2020

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