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Common insect pests

Woodlice (Slaters)


5 to 17 mm


Slate grey

Where you'll find them

They are found worldwide. Woodlice avoid light and are mostly active at night. They thrive in moist locations and are commonly found under objects on damp ground as well as under debris of all kinds.


In our climate they only breed during the sumer months and may produce up to 200 young per year.


Woodlice commonly feed on decaying vegetable matter.

What you can do

Leaves, grass clippings, mulch, wood, boards, stones and similar materials close to affected buildings should be removed, since these may harbour woodlice.

Repair and seal cracks and openings in walls, around doors and window frames to prevent access by woodlice. 

Control of woodlice indoors may be achieved by cleaning (as they do not breed indoors).

Page last updated:
16 Sep 2020

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