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Common insect pests

Common Black Ant


Workers 4 mm, Queen up to 10 mm



Where you'll find them

Widely distributed in Britain. Commonly found in gardens, will enter buildings to forage for food.


Mating takes place in flight and occurs between July and September. After mating the male ant dies and the females shed their wings and find shelter over winter. The females will produce eggs from late spring.


Ant feeds on a wide variety of foods including sweet substances.

What you can do

Control of these insects is only required when they are entering or living in building structures. The first approach should be to seal up any entry points in the building to precent ants gaining access to the property. If problems persist, a band of insecticide may be applied to harbourages and at entrances to buildings - windows, doors and vents. Make sure that sugary foods are kept in sealed containers and all food spillages are cleaned up as quickly as possible. 

Page last updated:
16 Sep 2020

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