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Non-material variations

After planning permission has been granted, it may be necessary to change the proposals that were originally approved.

Where these changes are minor and would not significantly change the development proposal that was originally approved they can be considered non-material variations.

To make a request for a non-material variation, you should complete the Non-material Variation Form. This completed form should then be submitted with drawings clearly showing the proposed change using the 'post submission additional documents' option.  

You must quote the original planning permission reference number.

Non-material variation application form

Whether or not the proposed changes are considered to be ‘non-material’ (rather than ‘material’) will depend on the specific details of the existing planning permission. A change that may be considered ‘non-material’ in one case could be ‘material’ in another.

If we do not agree to a non-material variation, then an application for planning permission would be required and assessed as normal.

Page last updated:
08 Mar 2022

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