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Help for homeowners with energy efficiency measures - Local Authority Eco Flex

Homeowners may be eligible for funding towards all or a proportion of the costs to make their home more energy efficient through the local authority Eco Flex scheme.

Help for homeowners with energy efficiency measures – Local Authority Eco Flex

This funding is provided by the main six utility companies. They are required to spend a certain amount every year on improving the energy efficiency of households throughout the UK.

Companies and their agents may be able to access funding for homeowners and tenants in privately rented properties based on certain criteria.

How do I find out about this funding?

Householders may be aware of this grant funding through a variety of means:

  •  a representative of a company visiting your home
  •  an online advert or through social media
  •  by contacting Home Energy Scotland where you can access a handy fund-finding tool online or call 0808 808 2282 for advice.

What happens next?

To check if you are eligible for funding for energy efficiency works, companies will require certain income, financial and health information.

Householders will be asked to agree to sign and date forms regarding any information they have supplied relating to their personal circumstances.

This information is then provided to the local authority to assess if the household may be eligible for ECO grant funding. We would have no other role in the process of ECO-funded works. Companies undertaking ECO-funded work for householders do not work for the council. Any works are a private arrangement between a householder and their chosen contractor in the same way as any other works they may decide to have carried out in their home.

How do I know if I am dealing with a reputable company?

You should never feel pressured to supply any information to a company you do not wish to provide. If you have concerns, always ask for a contact telephone number for the company or ask for one of their representatives to visit you again in a few days.

Reputable companies will understand your initial concerns and always agree to such a request.

What if I changed my mind?

If you have entered into an agreement to have works carried out, you should have been provided with a document detailing your cancellation rights. In most cases, when you enter a contract at home you are entitled to a 14-day cooling-off period.

This gives you some time to make sure you have made the right decision and if you change your mind then you can cancel and withdraw from the contract.

Page last updated:
16 Jan 2024

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