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Housing annual performance report 2018/19

Access to housing support

Outcome 7, 8 & 9 Housing Options & Outcome 10 Access to Social Housing

In 2018/19 we successfully housed 2,892 applicants from our Common Housing Register (CHR).  When properties become available we aim to get them re-let within as short a time as possible to minimise rent loss. 

Our average time to re-let houses has reduced by almost five days since 2013/14 and now sits at 23.5 days. This is significantly better than the Scottish Local Authority average of 35.9 days.

We also support tenants in their homes and more people than ever are sustaining their tenancies for more than one year. Our 2018/19 performance shows a 4.5% increase in our sustainability level since 2013/14.

To assist tenants to continue to live independently in their own homes a range of adaptations can be made.The time taken to complete these adaptations can vary depending on the type of work required and the different needs of each tenant. We completed 1,278 adaptations to our tenant's homes in 2018/19

Performance Indicator
Performance Indicator 2013/14 2014/15 2015/16 2016/17 2017/18 2018/19 LA Average 18/19 NLC Performance 2013 - 2019
Percentage of new tenancies sustained for more than a year 84.1% 86.2% 86.0% 88.5% 87.7% 88.6% 88.8% Improved
Average time to re-let properties in the last year 28.4 days 27.0 days 24.8 days 24.0 Days 22.3 days 23.5 days 35.9 days Improved
Percentage of approved applications for medical adaptations for which we completed the work during the reporting year 92.1% 87.2% 87.5% 88.8% 89.7% 88.1% 84.3% Poor
You said, we did
You said ... We did...
You wanted us to review and improve the Common Housing Register Housing application form We developed a new style application form with tenants. Making the font size bigger, questions clearer and adding enhanced information in which CHR partner landlords have stock in each letting area.

We are investing significantly in building more new council homes through our new supply programme and are on target to deliver 5,000 affordable homes by 2035.

All of our new homes are built to very high standards and, with energy efficiency in mind, they achieve a minimum of 'Good' eco rating. This helps to minimise running costs for tenants.

In addition they all meet the 'Housing for Varying Needs' standard, and consequently are more accessible. They can be adapted more quickly and easily to meet tenants' changing mobility needs.  These properties are 'Secured by Design' accredited, which involves Police Scotland Architectural Liaison Officers. They advise on the layout and designs to ensure we build safe, attractive and secure environments.

More homes will also be available for rent through our ground breaking open market purchase scheme.  By purchasing 160 good quality homes on the open market, many of which are ex-council properties, we have helped meet peoples housing needs and increased local supply.

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08 Dec 2020

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