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Housing annual performance report 2018/19

Housing quality and maintenance 2018/19

Outcome 4 Quality of Housing and Outcome 5 Repairs, Maintenance and Improvement

We want all our tenants to live in a home that is warm, safe and in good condition.

This is supported by the Scottish Social Housing Charter which requires us to show how well our homes meet national quality standards and good standards of service and choice.

The improvement in our performance over the five years we have been reporting on the Scottish Social Housing Charter is demonstrated in the table below. There are significant improvements showing in the satisfaction levels as well as repairs performance, and most areas performing well against the Scottish Local Authority average.

The percentage of stock meeting the Scottish Housing Quality Standard (SHQS) has risen to 97.9% in 2018/19. We will continue to engage with tenants and utilise void periods and capital programme works to gain access to properties. The aim is to ensure that all our properties are fully complaint with the SHQS.

Housing performance
  2013/14 2014/15 2015/16 2016/17 2017/18 2018/19 Local authority average 18/19 Our performance 2013 - 2019
Percentage of stock meeting the SHQS 82.5% 90.5% 92.0% 94.5% 95.5% 97.9% 94.3% Improved
Percentage of tenants satisfied with the standard of their home when moving in 67.6% 84.3% 90.6% 91.8% 91.9% 91.1% 87.1% Improved
Percentage of tenants satisfied with the quality of their home 79.3% 80.0% 79.3% 79.3% 79.3% 92.0% 83.0% Improved
Average length of time to complete emergency repairs 4.5 hrs 4.9 hrs 5.3 hrs 4.9 hrs 5.0 hrs 4.4 hrs 4.3 hrs Improved
Average length of time to complete non-emergency repairs 9.1 days 8.7 days 7.6 days 8.0 days 7.3 days 7.7 days 7.8 days Improved
Percentage of reactive repairs completed right first time 95.4% 95.5% 96.2% 96.0% 97.3% 97.6% 92.3% Improved
Percentage of reactive repair appointments kept 97.1% 99.4% 91.4% 94.0% 94.5% 93.6% 95.2% Poor
Percentage of properties that require a gas safety record which has a gas safety check and record completed by the anniversary date. 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 99.97% Poor
Percentage of tenants who have had repairs or maintenance carried out in last 12 months satisfied with the repairs and maintenance service 87.4% 92.2% 94.1% 96.4% 96.6% 98.6% 94% Improved
Action we have taken
You said... We did...
You wanted more information on our investment programme We have revised and updated our investment and repairs web pages. The pages will provide information on tower strategy, internal upgrades, energy efficiency, major repairs and home safety and security.
You wanted more choice in appointments As well as our existing all day, morning and afternoon timeslots we are currently piloting evening repairs appointments. We will keep you informed of the outcome of the pilot when complete.

Within 2019/20, the we invested over £50 million on work to our properties through our capital programme investment. This includes £10 million for kitchen and bathroom replacements and £21 million on making our homes more energy efficient. The aim is to help you save money on your energy costs.  

A number of improvements under our Tower Strategy are also planned, including new upgraded fire doors, fire safety checks and installation of sprinklers systems. In addition Blairgrove, Merryston, Glen and Millbrae Courts in Coatbridge will benefit from upgrades to common areas, improvements to lighting and new cladding.

Find out more about our council house investment programme.

Page last updated:
15 Dec 2020

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