Street cleaning and litter picking

Report a problem in our town centres, roads, pavements, residential areas and open spaces

The availability of litter bins in public areas and the frequency of litter picking operations depends on the requirements of each area and will vary, with most heavily pedestrianised areas being litter picked for frequently than residential areas.

Incidents of areas requiring attention should be reported to us.

Request street cleaning using an online form

We will remove dead animals from roads and pavements but not from private garden areas, this is the responsibility of the land owner.

You can also visit our Street Smart area for more information on our services.

Alternatively, a 'Hit Squad' request can be placed. We will try and respond to hit squad requests within 24 hours. A judgement, however, will be made by a supervisor or chargehand on the urgency of the request depending on its nature and may involve the diversion of resources from other tasks.

For more information, see 'related pages', 'downloads' or 'other useful websites'.

  • Birkenshaw litter control area

    North Lanarkshire Council's Environmental Protection team have established a litter control area at Birkenshaw Industrial Estate, Uddingston

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