Special uplift scheduling and appointments

How special uplifts appointments are scheduled

Appointments system

Telephone and personal callers to waste management depots will be advised of their appointment day at the time of placing their request. 

Please note that the appointments will be allocated on a zonal basis with all uplifts within a specific area being undertaken on the same day of the same week. The length of time between the request being placed and the first available appointment will depend on the volume of requests being placed.

In the event of your uplift not being carried out on the appointment day, due to operational difficulties, unless you are requested to contact the council to make alternative arrangements, you can contact Northline, using the details in the 'contact us' box for an update on a re-scheduled visit.

Request a special uplift

If you require the special uplift service that we offer, you can telephone us as detailed in the 'contact us' box.


Please use the 'contact us' box if you have any questions.

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