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Assessing Options: Stage 2

Assessing Options: Stage 2 (Phase 2)

We assessed three additional options in the Riggend area.

Taking into account feedback received during Stage 2 (Phase 1) we developed three additional options at the north end of the route, to the west of Riggend 

Option E1 had bridges over the A73 and Brakenhirst Road. It is the same as Option E but with a single carriageway to the west of Riggend.   

Options G and H crossed the A73 at the same level and needed changes to local roads and access.  

All the additional routes considered at Riggend: 

  • are the same as Option B, south of Greengairs Road 
  • go to the west of A73 at Riggend and provide single carriageways
  • are affected by ground conditions as they cross peat west of the A73 

Interactive Maps  

The interactive maps show the additional options we assessed at Stage 2 (Phase 2). Use these maps to see the options considered and where we would need to build bridges and roundabouts and

Information about Option E1 

  • 10.4km long - 0.45km longer than Option B 
  • requires a new roundabout north of Riggend 
  • needs two bridges over A73 and Brackenhirst Road to achieve separation from local roads  
  • local roads unaffected by the new road

Option E1

Interactive map of Option E1

Full screen version

Information about Option G 

  • 10.2km long - 0.25km longer than Option B 
  • requires a new roundabout north of Riggend 
  • new road cuts across A73 and Brackenhirst Road 
  • needs an additional 1.4km of road to connect local roads 
  • short sections of existing roads closed 

Option G

Interactive map of Option G

Full screen version

Information about Option H 

  • 10.25km long - 0.3km longer than Option B 
  • requires a new roundabout on Brackenhirst Road 
  • new road cuts across A73  
  • short sections of existing roads closed at Riggend 
  • requires an additional 1km of road to connect local roads 
  • needs a new public transport pick-up/drop off facility serving Riggend 

Option H

Interactive map of Option H

Full screen version


We assessed these additional options against Option B, the emerging preferred option identified at Stage 2 (Phase 1).

This assessment found that the additional options:

  • had significantly higher construction costs for similar benefits than Option B
  • were unaffordable
  • provided less value of money than Option B

Options G and H also had impacts on local access in the Riggend area.  

The additional options were therefore rejected.  

Watch the video for more information on the additional options considered and how they were assessed.

Video of Option E variations

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25 Nov 2022

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