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Assessing Options: Stage 2

Preferred option

How the preferred option was identified

We assessed the benefits, impacts, affordability and value for money of five short-listed options to identify a Preferred Option.

We assessed each how each option performed against:

  • the economic benefit
  • the environment (benefits and impact)
  • connecting residents to jobs and education (integration)
  • supporting improvements to public transport (accessibility)
  • improving safety for all road users
  • how the walking, cycling and wheeling path fits with existing roads and paths

We also assessed each option to see:

  • how easy they are to build
  • are they affordable
  • are they value for money

We considered these important issues:

  • engineering
  • the environment
  • traffic

To ensure the project benefits would meet the needs of the area, we ranked our considerations in order of importance. 

We also looked closely at areas where ground conditions were an issue and adjusted routes to reduce the impact on the environment and cost.   

Through this assessment, Option B was identified as the Preferred Option for the project as it:

  • provides more benefits and meets the project objectives better than shorter route options considered
  • goes from the A73/Lancaster Avenue roundabout to a new roundabout north of Riggend at the A73 dual carriageway
  • provides a strategic road link from the M8 at Newhouse to the A73 at Cumbernauld

The shorter route options, Option B2, B3 and B4, provide less benefits and are therefore less value for money than Option B.

Option E had significantly higher construction costs than the other short listed options and was unaffordable.

The additional options considered to the west of Riggend are also unaffordable and provide less value for money than Option B.

Option B provides the best connections to catchment areas for the New Monklands Hospital.

You can also watch a video showing how the new road provides access to the proposed new hospital site.

EALR and Monklands Replacement Hospital 01
Image of how the new hospital works fits with the East Airdrie Link Road
EALR and Monklands Replacement Hospital 02
Image of the layout of the new hospital and how it will access onto the East Airdrie Link Road

Watch the video for more information on how we assessed the shortlisted options and identified Option B as the Preferred Option.

The preferred option

Video assessed the shortlisted options and identifying why Option B is the preferred option

Watch the flyover video for more information on Option B.

Flyover of the preferred option

Video showing the route of the preferred option

Use the Interactive map to see the route of Option B and where we would need to build bridges and roundabouts for the new road.

Preferred Route - Option B

Interactive map showing Option B as the preferred route

Full screen version

The next stage

The next stage of the project is to develop detailed designs for the Preferred Option and mitigation plans for impacts on

  • the environment
  • local access
  • forestry
  • existing properties

Your feedback from this consultation will be considered at this next stage.

Page last updated:
02 Feb 2024

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