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Tower regeneration

Frequently asked questions

We have ambitious and exciting plans to transform communities across North Lanarkshire by replacing our 48 tower blocks and some low rise flats with modern homes that meet the needs of local people now and in the future.

We understand that residents and local communities will have questions about how this will affect them and we have answered some frequently asked questions below. 

Q1: What do the regeneration plans mean for me?

We know the prospect of moving home can be upsetting, especially for elderly or vulnerable tenants and we will provide all the help and support we can. All the residents in Phase 1 are on the Common Housing Register and will be re-housed based on their individual housing needs.

Q2: Will repairs and improvement works continue on the flats?

Yes, all repairs and maintenance work will continue as normal. We will also continue to carry out any investment necessary so our towers remain safe and secure. Our programme of inspection and repairs is ongoing to identify all works necessary depending on the construction and condition of the towers.

Q3: Am I entitled to compensation?

Yes, as long as you have lived in your current home for more than one year you will be entitled to a ‘home loss’ payment of £1,500. Even if you haven’t stayed in your house over one year you may also be entitled to a ‘disturbance’ payment to cover the cost of moving. This is a single payment related to the size of your house.

For more information on whether you meet the criteria for this please contact your local office. Our staff will help everyone in applying for these payments when they have accepted other housing. 

Q4: What will happen to my block of flats in the meantime?

All necessary repairs and planned maintenance will continue as normal to keep your home safe and secure and in a good condition for you to live in. We will also continue allocating properties in those towers that are not included in Phase 1.

Phase 2 of our re-provisioning plans is still over three years away and no decisions have been made yet on which towers will be included in this. Before any plans are agreed we will carry our a further consultation and assessment of the blocks. 

Q5: What happens as the tower I live in becomes empty?

When flats become vacant we immediately secure the empty properties, disconnect utilities and remove any items of value such as boilers from inside. Our concierge and estate officers continue to monitor safety and security within all our blocks and will do so right up until each block is emptied. 

Q6: How do we assess what works are needed?

We have a programme of internal and external tower surveys underway to fully assess the condition of the properties.

Wherever possible surveys are carried out on empty properties to minimise any disruption to residents. Structural surveys of cladding and fire assessments have been concluded on all 48 towers (4,000 flats) and enhancement plans based on the results are now being developed. 

Q7: What works are planned?

As well as routine maintenance we are significantly investing in our towers to further enhance fire safety. There are a range of works currently underway including:

  • new cladding systems
  • upgrading of entrances and surrounding areas
  • improved lighting and sprinklers
  • new fire doors systems fitted as standard

Before carrying out any of these major works we hold on site meetings with residents to make sure they have all the relevant information and are able to voice any concerns.

Q8: Do I need to have my front door replaced and fire safety check done?

Taking part in these works and providing access is essential and forms part of your tenancy agreement.

If you have not already arranged an appointment, please call 07951102154 or email as soon as possible to book a suitable appointment time.

We can offer additional assistance if you need it to have the works done such as moving furniture, replacing door alerts and making adjustments to peephole heights when necessary. At the time of your appointment you can go over your individual needs. Please make sure someone is available to allow access to complete the works on the date agreed. If this isn’t possible, we will have to force entry to the property. If forced entry is required, you may be liable for the costs involved. 

Q9: Can I make changes to my new front door?

Once your new door has been installed, it is important that no items are attached to it or the door facing, as this could damage the fire resistance of the door.  Please do not paint the door, fix door bells, numbers, door chains, security bolts and other similar type items.  You can discuss alternatives at your pre-work meeting. If you make any unauthorised alterations to the door you may be liable for the cost of the repair or door renewal.

Q10: What fire safety works are taking place?

Your safety is our main concern and you can find a full range of advice and information at home fire safety.

Smoke and heat detectors  

As well as new fire doors and sprinklers we will also be installing new smoke and heat detectors within all our properties in line with new legislation by February 2021.

In the majority of installations, these will replace existing smoke and heat detectors. However in a small number of cases we may need to install additional detectors in order to bring the properties up to the new standard. These works are essential and are required by the Scottish Government. 

Q11: How can I make sure my home is protected?

The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service offers free fire safety visits to everyone in the area. Just call 0800 0731 999 or text “FIRE” to 80800 on your mobile phone. Your local fire station will then contact you within seven days to arrange a time and date that suits you.

Page last updated:
06 Oct 2022

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