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North Lanarkshire Children's Services Partnership

Young people are seen and heard

Children and young people in North Lanarkshire will be better heard after working together with North Lanarkshire Children's Services Partnership (NLCSP) to produce an agreement setting out how we will work together, supporting meaningful engagement and participation.

Alison Gordon, Interim Chair of NLCSP said: 'This agreement is a key milestone in supporting our commitment to improve how we engage and involve children and young people in all aspects of children's services in North Lanarkshire. There is no one better placed to contribute to the planning and improvement of services and supports than those who have experience of them.'

NLCSP involves all agencies who have a responsibility for children and young people in joint planning and improvement of services and supports.

The partnership agreement includes values and statements from staff:

  • We want to improve how we engage and involve children, young people and families in planning and delivering children’s services and supports in North Lanarkshire

and from young people,

  • We want to be involved in decisions that affect us. Sometimes we need a platform or help to participate and get involved

alongside the seven Golden Rules of Participation, produced by the Children and Young People's Commissioner for Scotland. These are:

  1. Understanding my rights
  2. A chance to be involved
  3. Remember, it's my choice
  4. Value me
  5. Support me
  6. Work together
  7. Keep in touch

Our agreement states:

In North Lanarkshire the values of trust, honesty and respect matter to us. In addition, we agree to:

  • show commitment
  • set realistic goals
  • communicate clearly
  • hold ourselves accountable
  • work as a team
  • agree a shared vision
  • be understanding
  • be prepared to compromise
  • resource our work
  • evaluate out work
  • make an effort

If you would like to know more about our children's services partnership agreement please get in touch or #AskMe

Page last updated:
15 May 2023

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