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Climate Plan ACT2030

Our Footprint and Performance

We are one of several organisations in Scotland that must produce a ‘Public Bodies Climate Change Duties Annual Report’.

The report contains information about our progress against our climate change duties. The report submitted in November 2021 shows that our organisational carbon footprint is currently recorded as 60,361 carbon tonnes equivalent (tco2e).

Carbon tonnes equivalent is used to describe all emission gases that contribute to the build-up of greenhouse gases within the earth’s atmosphere and causes climate change. Our footprint is made up of emissions from buildings,waste, fleet and business travel.

Carbon tonnes equivalent


Our emissions are broken down into three different categories capturing all the elements of the council’s carbon boundary:

  • Scope 1 (direct): greenhouse gas emissions from sources that are owned or controlled by the reporting entity (i.e. the council)
  • Scope 2 & 3 (indirect): are a result of the activities of the reporting entity but occur at sources owned or controlled by another entity.

A summary of our carbon management performance.
Year Scope 1 Scope 2 Scope 3 Total (tCO2e) Reduction/Increase (+/-) in Emissions since baseline year
2015/16 35,611 41,516 39,948 117,075 -
2016/17 34,358 36,945 41,038 112,341 4.04%
2017/18 36,079 29,858 55,786 121,723 -3.97%
2018/19 35,347 21,525 41,029 97,900 16.38%
2019/20 33,475 20,898 22,740 77,113 34.13%
2020/21 29,815 15,731 14,815 60,361 48.44%

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14 Feb 2022

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