Major Developments

Pre-application discussions

major development  is developments of more than 50 homes, large retail developments and certain waste, water, transport and energy related developments. 

The statutory period for determining these applications is 4 months.

If you are thinking about submitting proposals for a major development, please submit a pdf icon pre application enquiry form [41kb] as soon as possible for further advice.

Pre-application consultation with community

Applications of this type require pre-application consultation (PAC) to be carried out between developers and communities. Where a PAC is required, the applicant must submit a proposal of application notice (PAN) at least 12 weeks before the submission of an application for planning permission. A proposal of application notice should be used for this purpose.

It should be noted that any public comments regarding the proposal during this period can only be made to the applicant/agent and not to the council. This is to allow the applicant to consider community comments before submitting the application. 

Any comments made to us will not be considered at this stage.

For more information on PAC please see; Pre-application Planning Advice

It should be noted that PAC is also required prior to submitting an application to renew a planning permission for a major development.

Planning processing agreements

Planning processing agreements can help make your planning application proceed more efficiently through the system. For more information on planning process agreements please see; Planning Processing Agreements

We highly recommend a planning processing agreement.  The benefits include faster decision making, clear lines of communication, early engagement with all relevant interested stakeholders, more certainty and commitment about the information we require and the time lines for submissions, responses and committee meetings.

Please contact us for more information or to arrange an appointment.

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