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Kildonan Street, Municipal Building consultation

Statutory Consultation with the local community under Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015

Consultation on:

  • Proposal to change the use of Kildonan Street into social rent residential dwellings.

What is proposed?

This consultation covers proposals in respect of the Municipal Buildings, Kildonan Street, Coatbridge.

The Municipal Building is located across three streets namely, Kildonan Street, Dunbeth Road and Muiryhall Street and is made up of different wings and includes a Town Hall and former Council Chamber. The Municipal Building is Grade B Listed.

Kildonan Street is included in our Common Good Register.

Kildonan Street
Municipal Building, Kildonan Street

The Municipal Building was constructed in 1894 as a Municipal Headquarters for the Burgh of Coatbridge following the formation of the Burgh in 1885. Part of the original building was destroyed by fire in 1967. A new four-storey wing was added to the northern side of the Municipal Building in 1991.

A change of use of the Municipal Building to residential use is proposed. It is proposed that the Municipal Building be converted into residential dwellings which will thereafter be let by the Council for social rent.

The Council has decided to close the Municipal Buildings as part of its larger office rationalisation programme approved at Committee on 28 February 2019 as this is no longer required for operational purposes and is, therefore, surplus to requirements. Since March 2020, the Municipal Building has been closed and no services are operating from this as staff have been working from alternative locations. Where permitted by COVID restrictions, alternative locations for elected member surgeries have also been obtained.

The proposals for the various parts of the Municipal Building are as follows:

  • Main Wing on Dunbeth Street - Due to the historic importance of its interior, it is proposed that this remains largely as is internally, converting existing spaces into flats, with the exception of the link corridor extension (shown tinted pink below) which will be demolished, allowing façade retention and new build reinstatement to allow these portions of the building to be suitable for housing conversion.

Kildonan Street plan
Municipal Building plan

  • It is proposed that the existing former council chambers and conference room will be retained as office space which will be managed, maintained, and used by the Council.
  • Former Police Wing on Muiryhall Street - It is proposed within the feasibility report that the elevation on Muiryhall Street and the east-facing wall are retained along with the landmark chimney currently rising above the wing, and a new structure built behind which will create accessible dual aspect two-bedroom flats with a new stair core and a new roof above. However, due to the high costs involved in the conversion of this wing it is proposed that further discussion should take place with Historic Environment Scotland regarding the viability of retaining this part of the building. If it proved unviable to retain that part of the building, it would still be the intention to use the area concerned for housing for social rent.
  • Newer Wing on Kildonan Street - A full refurbishment of the Modern Extension retaining the existing circulation core can provide more accessible single aspect two-bedroom flats.
  • New Build - additional housing units, external to the current building, are proposed along the Eastern boundary.

The Council expects that the redevelopment will commence in 2023 and finish by 2026.

The Council believes the conversion of the Municipal Buildings has a number of benefits:

  • The conversion of the Municipal Building will provide affordable housing and help meet housing need in the Local Area;
  • The conversion of the Municipal Buildings will preserve an important part of the heritage of Coatbridge; and
  • The conversion of the Municipal Buildings for residential use is more sustainable than demolition and new build. Any future works contract will ensure that the impact on the Council’s carbon footprint is mitigated.


Section 104 of the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015 requires the Council to consult local communities when considering disposing or changing the use of Common Good assets. This includes where the proposal is to use a Common Good asset for another purpose. Therefore, the consultation is seeking the views of the community in respect of the proposals in order to inform the decision-making process.

Key questions

  • What are your views on the proposed change of use of Kildonan Street?
  • Do you have any views on the potential benefits of the proposals?
  • Do you have any issues or concerns arising from the proposals?
  • Do you have any additional comments?

The Council will take all representations into account in reaching a decision.

Depending on the representations received the possible outcomes are:

  1. The proposal goes ahead subject to consent by the Court of Session.
  2. The proposal is amended significantly, and a fresh consultation takes place.
  3. The proposal does not go ahead.


Consultation closing date - Friday 23 July 2021

Please submit written representations to:


Post: FAO Christine Boyle, Civic Square, Windmillhill Street, Motherwell, ML1 1AB

All representations received will be published on the Council’s website.

Additional information

The Council have a statutory obligation to seek court consent before disposing of Common Good land which may be ‘inalienable’. The Council considers that the property and site at Kildonan Street falls within that category.

If after this consultation, the proposal progresses to a court application the public will have a further opportunity to make representations within the Court process. A statutory advertisement will be placed in the Coatbridge and Airdrie Advertiser to inform the local public that the court process has been commenced.

Page last updated:
18 May 2023

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