Planning advice

If you want to know more about how the planning system works, or if you want to apply for planning permission, this Guide to the Planning System in Scotland may be of interest.

For householder development and all other work, you can get advice from a number of sources. You can view our own online pdf icon planning advice for householder developments [44kb] (e.g. house extensions, sheds, fences etc), and pdf icon planning advice for non householder developments [46kb] (e.g. commercial, residential, industrial and other). 

In addition, impartial advice on all planning matters can also  be obtained from the internet, or a professional agent/architect. In some circumstances you may get help from Planning Aid Scotland You should be aware that charges may apply depending upon the service you choose.

We give specific detailed pre-application advice for work that is classified as major development. Visit our Major developments page to use the pre-application enquiry form. 

The additional advice below may be of assistance.

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